Nasty Smelly Mooch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is the nastiest person i have ever met. he is my fiances sisters ex. we would have been able to over look all the shitty things he has done if he wasnt a cold, backstabbing nasty scumbag. he stole $20 dollars out of my purse. he had his exes bank cards and got mad when she would go out with her friends.he deliberately walked in the bathroom when i was naked and took like 15 seconds to leave.. like are you kidding.. he would spend his and her money and stress her out to gods end.. unless you want your children molested and to lose your money to someone who does not know how to take a shower. and even when he takes one hes still dirty and literally gets poop all over the bathroom and on the walls and hand towels then go ahead and date him. also hes extremely disrespectful to our military because he said that he was a marine and i know from all of my friends who were in the military nothing about this man says discipline or years served. and hes on social security not VA.. he also is a compulsive liar and lies about everything. and im sure you will get some sort of std just because hes nasty. and really fcking stupid.

Hustler Baby


THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE!! Marcos “Philipe” Sandoval local mouth piece and con artist. This so called man will be your best friend until he has sucked you dry. Ladies this sex addict will sleep with you then walk across the hall to your very own sister and sleep with her while his pregnant fiancé is home with his 4 other kids. He has no boundaries or loyalty. He would stab his own mother in the back for a bowl of M*TH. Guys beware too! He talks fast so you miss all the bs that is coming your way. He will promise you the world and tell you everything you want to hear. All that while he promises you pussy, “helps” clean your house or work on your yard. DONT BE FOOLED. Hes shopping!! Hes always asking questions and moving to keep you confused and unable to see the whole picture. And that is hes ROBBING YOU. It starts with small little things then comes back for the whole house once he has no more use for you. Keep your eyes open. AND BEWARE!!

Washed up wannabe Pimp


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this rinsed out washed up wanna be pimp goes by the name of Clayvon Washington. He’s already been charged with interfering with a minor in his relationship with 16 year old Becca against her parents wishes, he also pimped on her and has now tried to pimp on some of my underage friends. He had dreads made of yak hair and bulging eyeballs. He tries to strong arm girls by raising his voice and if you get close to him he will beat you black and blue like he did Becca. He bragged about stomping her head. This guy is a gym rat claims to own a gym. Stay clear and don’t even make eye contact with this pandering gorilla. Goes around telling everyone that his name is Clayvon Washington. I’d love to know his real name and find out where he’s at! He also posts nude photos online of any girl he gets after she realizes he’s a broke chump and moves on.

Kayla Valentine Worst Mother Ever


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This piece of trash Kayla Valentine is a single mother who got knocked up at 19 and party’s like she still is!! she can be found out regularly in downtown Vacaville f**king any guy who will give her coke!! She has nothing to do with baby daddy and was “married” to another guy for 6 weeks!! Great home life for her son when he isn’t being shuffled back and forth between grandparents houses. she routinely goes so far with her drama that the staff at her tanning salon asked her to stop levaving threatening messages to other girls on their sign in sheet!! some people can’t buy a clue!! You have a kid. Stop being a slut, your party time has passed by!!

Megan Fisher Percocet Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This mess Megan Fisher is bouncing from bar to bar “working” at Creekside Bar in Winters, Ca now, She continues to loose job because of sleeping with Co Workers & bar patrons! Lol, She had been busted again selling Oxy at work & f**king guys at the bar in order to support her Oxy habit…If anyone in the area is banging her, Get yourself checked out!!

Watch Out Sac


THE DIRTY ARMY:  I’m a friend that has asked him to stop but he won’t!! He is going around telling woman anything they want to here an sleeping with them. (Its alot of woman) And treating the woman like crap!! Its awful. And these woman are then returned back into the world angree, bitter, no trust, hurt, kids ,alone sonetimes with kids or pregant ..etc.. 😢 its wrong if you can prevent it tho!!! I’ve prayer and said nothing !! But this guy I actually loved him as a friend!! but I can’t when i started seeing what he was doing and not just hearing about it from his mouth! I’m just sad for all those woman!

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