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Watch Out Sac


THE DIRTY ARMY:  I’m a friend that has asked him to stop but he won’t!! He is going around telling woman anything they want to here an sleeping with them. (Its alot of woman) And treating the woman like crap!! Its awful. And these woman are then returned back into the world angree, bitter, no trust, hurt, kids ,alone sonetimes with kids or pregant ..etc.. 😢 its wrong if you can prevent it tho!!! I’ve prayer and said nothing !! But this guy I actually loved him as a friend!! but I can’t when i started seeing what he was doing and not just hearing about it from his mouth! I’m just sad for all those woman!

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Needs To Keep His Hands Off Co-Workers


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, A former aide in the Sacramento city manager’s office filed a claim last month against Mayor Kevin Johnson alleging the mayor sexually harassed her multiple times over a seven-month period at City Hall, according to a copy of the claim obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

The employee – identified in the claim as Estrellita Ilee Muller, 32 – alleged that she was summoned to the mayor’s private library at City Hall by Johnson’s security officer and that the mayor pressed his body against her, felt her torso and tried to kiss her. Muller filed the claim with the City Clerk’s office in April and is seeking $200,000 in damages, according to the document. She also filed a formal discrimination complaint with the city’s human resources director in October 2014 – a complaint that was found insufficient by that office.

What does the assaulted woman look like? From what I’ve read — it sounds like KJ paid her to go away like Kobe did with that cheerleader.- nik

Ken Kravich


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Ken Kravich, first off he will say he is 35 but he’s really 39. He just moved back in with his mom and had his mommy get him a job at where she works cause he couldn’t find one on his own. He is a horrible singer for s horrible band called the hybrid creeps. He thinks he is gods gift to women but he’s a old loser who has the maturity of a 15 year old boy. Girls beware!

Mormon Who Drinks and Buys +2’s With Her Student Loan


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this dumb chick Lauren Lyons claims she’s Mormon while she goes out to the bars every night and tramps around Roseville and Sacramento. She has a DUI and claims she has no money while she buys a new car and a boob job with her financial aid money. And has trashy extensions/fake eyelashes that a stripper would find repulsive! Stay clear from her! She is everything that is wrong with society!

Is it true that Mormons are not allowed to get plastic surgery. I heard if you get +2’s you are not allowed to enter any Mormon Temples.- nik

**Please submit full body shots of Financial Aid. This image does nothing for anyone.

Zoe Holt Tehema Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s hard to begin the FACTS of this girls list of problems. First and foremost she single handedly ruined and ripped apart her family while dating a chomo tweaker who she later got pregnant by. Talks shit about her sisters who are all doomed and trash because they’re parents were twaks who never gave a fck about them. She’s got like 3 kids with diff dads all who’ve eft her because she’s a dumb bitch that can’t keep her mouth or legs closed. She’s just drama, there’s always something going on in her life that she won’t shut up about. She has that welfare life and doesn’t plan to change that… with each boyfriend she so desperately wants to keep around because of her daddy issues.. they’re no different then the last and she’s too dumb to realize. It’s hard to feel bad for someone who brings the negative shit on herself. She’ll always be trailer trash. Get your shit together zoe!

Anna Simone Crusty Rave Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Anna seems nice at first but that’s to befriend you and use you until she’s got all she wants and never talks to you again.. simply because she’s a loser that has absolutely nothing in the world. She’s jobless, lives with her nasty snaggle toothed boyfriends parents and has no motivation to do anything other then drugs and sit on her fat ass. She lives week to week off whatever she manages to scrounge up or if her lazy boyfriend gets a 20 to clean somones yard. All she does is talk shit about everyone whose ever done anything for her, calls her “bestfriend” michelle a fat lesbian slut and her boyfriend whose cheated on her several times a lazy douche that has no hygiene. She’s just a toxic person. She’s a googly eyed, caterpillar eyebrow, penis lookin toad bitch that deserves to be told so, and maybe do something with your life? Idk figure it out bitch your too old to be living off ten dollars a week and going out to raves all the time. Learn to respect people that have done so for you.

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