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Trashy Ashleigh worst in SLC


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashleigh Lamoreaux is one of the worst “lesbians” in SLC. She manipulative, abusive and a compulsive liar. She cheated on her ex with 8 different girls and was in a relationship with 3 of them at once. She proposed and after 3 days then dissapeared to go live with one of her many side b**ches. She doesnt pay her bills, she doesnt have a car, she cant hold a job and she uses people for rides and money. One of ashleighs favorite things to do is f up, get caught and then verbally and physically bash you for confronting her about it. She claims that she is a full blown lesibian and still tries to hook up with her ex boyfriends but not even they want her anymore. For as much sleeping around as she does you would like she would be better at it. This bitch needs a hard core realtiy check. Shes got bi**hes all across the states. IF youre gonna play the game hunny you need to be good at it. Watch out, if you ever get into a confrontation with this one she plays the victim real quick, and if shes not blamming her actions on her so called anxiety and depression shes blamming them on you. You can never have too many personalities right ash?

You’d think mushroom cuts would reign supreme in her community.- nik

Jacob Draper The Anything’ophile


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jake Draper the pedophile/polygamist. This pussy rides in gray mustang. If that doesn’t already tell you about him, he also has threesomes with 16 year olds. If that isn’t bad enough, he also banged his cousin! Salt Lake City BEWARE this a-hole will sleep with anything that moves. LADIES BE CAREFUL UNLESS YOU WANNA CATCH drd.

Lexie Hunt


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Lexie Hunt. Seems like it runs in her family to be on here with her sister and brother in law. Like her sister, Lexie gets DUIs and her dumbass also likes to be a giant slut. At the age of 19 she has already slept with more than enough people to count on two hands. She sluts around SLC, Tooele, and St. George and makes sure everyone knows it. She is a homewrecker as well talking to men who are engaged or in relationships. You may also see her slutting around at car shows in her TC. WATCH OUT SLC, TOOELE, and ST GEORGE.

No Qualm Valles


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok ladies. Here he is. he’s handsome, sexy, smart and one he’ll of a daddy. Now the other shoe. Andre Valles is a cheater, liar and user. He had no qualms about letting me work and take care of him and his little girl all the while never working And not contributing. After getting caught texting “I love yous” to another woman he claimed “Vonnie” was psycho and just wouldn’t leave poor Andre alone. Later telling me me she threatened his children’s lives. Turns out he just wanted a piece of ass. Stay away and spread the word. Andre Lucio Valles is a liar and cheater.

Tragic Rachel Gleave featuring her $3 Weave


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Rachel Gleave and first things first I just have to mention that this girl is young, dumb and full of cum. Born and raised in the town Layton for 19 years and never left. This girl prides herself on her Spencer’s/Zumiez clearance rack aesthetic as well as her free slumber party tattoos. This girl has a crazy problem with getting high off Facebook likes and drama. Rachel thinks she runs the world because she’s got 2,000 friends on Facebook. This girl will do anything to put someone down. Whether it’s her baby daddy (Chris Munn whom my friend was fcking with at the same time), an ex friend, or someone who merely confronted her about her fished-for dumpster weave. I’ve seen that thing in real life and it looked like something crawled into her hair and died. I SEENT it. She thinks she is crazy hot shit and uses that as 80% of her comebacks. All to get the satisfaction of her 70 likes from her 2,000 friends (who don’t know her in real life). Works at a Walmart and probably will for the rest of her life considering she struggled graduating from a alternative high school which provided coursework equivalent to coloring in the lines. I don’t know how an ugly girl like this could have such an ugly personality. Rachel has a prepubescent mindset with a prepubescent body to match. The only people telling her this are probably people she has never met and/or boys who are complete nobodies. I can honestly say she reminds me of Amanda Bynes. At first her ratchet antics were funny but now people are realizing its kind of a cry for help. Consider this a fucking intervention. You should find something better do with your time, like I don’t know, maybe pick up that pigsdye you call homebase.

Logan The Sleaze


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Logan Prokop also known as “Rockstar” Is known for showing off his expensive luxury cars, big loads of cash, and class to pick up women at clubs and bars for sex. He is very good at giving women the impression they are special once they give in and give him what he wants he drops them on there ass. He’s is also associated with known slc pimp Dustin Ragby. Awareness must be made he uses women for sex!

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