Cleopatra Argyroudis: the Ultimate Backstabber

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, does CLEOPATRA ARGYROUDIS seriously have NOTHING BETTR TO DO WITH HER TIME but create FALSE RUMORS and LIES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE as some juvenile way of TRYING TO ruin their reputation and seek revenge. THE ANSWER IS SADLY YES. Sorry some of us grow out of high school but cleo’s maturity level will always remain at this level. The truth about Cleopatra Argyroudis needs to be known and this post is for anyone who has been personally attacked by this psychopath. The reality of cleo is that she attacks INNOCENT people and tries to make them appear as horrible people when in reality ALL THE FALSE LIES THAT CLEO CREATES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE ARE TRUE REFLECTIONS OF HERSELF. I had to file a restraining order against her to have her just leave me alone. CLEOPATRA ARGYROUDIS is the biggest cyberbully I have ever met in my life. Everybody knows it’s you creating all these fake posts! Cleo thrives off of drama and finds pleasure in trying to ruin other people’s life’s . Cleo has no real girlfriends and they all eventually leave her because they eventually realize how much of a fake, evil person she really is. She interferes with relationships and takes pleasure in ruining them by manipulating the situation and creating false lies about the other person so she always looks like a saint. Cleo is a hypocrite and preaches to people to be independent but cleo is the most co-dependent person I have ever met in my life. She jumps from one relationship to another. IF I COULD DESCRIBE CLEO IN THREE WORDS IT WOULD BE CONTROLLING, MANIPULATIVE, BACKSTABBING. CLEO LIVES AT HOME AND LIVES OFF HER MOM. CLEO DOESN’T HAVE A REAL JOB…HER TRUE INTENTIONS IS TO JUST MARRY RICH SO SHE WON’T HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO ANY TYPE OF REAL WORK THE REST OF HER LIFE.  Cleo is addicted to Adderall and tells people she doesn’t drink at all. A

Cynthia Lopez Home Wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m pregnant with my first child and expected to give birth early October. My babies daddy and I were together for over three years with a small break a few months ago. And this girl Cynthia Lopez single mother herself has been posting instagrams at my house where I lived with my ex she is a total whore and every women in San Diego should watch out for her if they have a man.

It’s amazing how +2’s can make a man forget he has a baby momma.- nik

Nagina Amir Is So Obsessed With Herself


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Nagina Amir.  She tries to act like she’s this proper, well educated, respectful, Afghan, Muslim girl. WELL she is nothing but another dirty whore. First off, she swears she is a model… LOL yea. I know. Her nose resembles a pig snout, her boobs are saggy and oddly large but not fake for sure, her feet are huge like size 11, and she has legs that are long but not even attractive, idk how that happens. She lost her boyfriend because she is OBSESSED with herself, and duh, is UNFAITHFUL. She cheated with random black guys off of IG. This girl is far from educated. She writes in Facebook trying to make it seem like morals and education are what’s important and progressing in life. Um you go to PALOMAR and have been out of high school for YEARS yet you’re still in the same place you were. Your parents. Nagina is also Afghan and her parents should be ashamed. This girl runs around downtown drinking with her little crew f*****g any guys that get them bottle service, showing her body off that she’s so proud of.

I am not a fan of her nostrils.- nik

Adrian Boner and Nicole Schackel Are A Disgusting Couple


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, these are 2 of the most disgusting people I have ever met. They inject Heroin and Meth daily and live in a drug house with their daughter. They call the cops on each other, cheat on each other, he beats Nicole up and she just takes it because she is too lazy to get a job and his DADDY pays for everything for them, I can’t begin to explain how pathetic and a waste of life they are. She has her head shaved and looks like a cracked out skrillix, with scabs all over her face. He sleeps with girls right in front of her and she keeps coming back because she has nowhere else to go. SORRY NICOLE YOUR MAN HAS SEX WITH BETTER VAGINE THEN YOU.  Nicole tells his daughter to call her mommy because he cheated on her and had a kid with another girl, and she can’t have kids because of all the abortions and drugs.. YOURE A JOKE BITCH.  She tried to preach God when she is sleeping her ex BF their entire marriage, get real… All they are are pathetic wanna be drug dealers that are going nowhere. So keep it up.

I’m so confused… which one is Nicole?- nik

Wild Willy Waterworks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this botoxed douchebag is pushing 40, but still lives off of a healthy allowance from his mommy and daddy’s oil money back in the Middle East. Aside from a nice little pepsi habit, he has nothing to show for his life. Turns out the dog he uses to try to pick up on girls with doesn’t even belong to him. If you do decide all that’s not enough to deter you, then I would suggest that you proceed with caution if you do go home with him. Watching him get off is like looking at a punctured hose. He has at least 5 holes in his cock, stuff is spraying in every direction (a botched procedure of some sort?). It’s like being at a water park.

Vincent Durney Is A Cheater and A Sociopath


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy is A DOUCHE.  He used to be in the Navy but got discharged because he couldn’t seem to manage his anger problems and had to move out of state to afford anything. I guess that’s what happens when you do steroids. Not gonna lie, if I saw this 5’7″ knuckle-dragger I’d probably talk crap to him too. What makes him an even BIGGER douche is that he’s swiping on Tinder in San Diego and Houston while his “estranged” wife just had their second child. AND NO ONE EVEN KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT. Like, the kid was literally born 5 days ago. He’s constantly talking to new chicks and sending them all the same selfies of him flexing in the mirror, which he ends up posting on Instagram and then even ‘liking’ it himself. I honestly feel bad for all these girls that he plays because they have no idea that it’s just a game to him and he strings them along just because he’s bored and gets pure enjoyment out of screwing them and manipulating them. Nik – let’s help the ladies of San Diego, CA and Houston, TX to know to not talk to this guy because he’s still married and the amount of girls he’s sleeping with, you’re bound to catch something. YOU SUCK BRO!!!

I feel like Vincent really believes in his eyebrow game.- nik

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