All American Financial President Julio Rodriguez Has a Dirty Little Secret


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’d like to introduce you to a very twisted and confused man. His name is Julio Rodriguez, husband, father, and President of All American Financial located in San Diego, California. He has a range of very out of the norm fantasies, upon meeting him, he described many of them to me, some were just out right repulsive. He is a bit of an extremist in the fetish world, based on his demeanor you wouldnt expect such a man to be so aroused to such acts. His main arousal is found in all things arse related. He described fantasies to me about licking (ass worshipping) ass holes – you kiss your wife with that mouth!  I am NOT making this up! Oh how I wish I was. He really is just an old scumbag pervert looking for young girls to help him carry out his strange perversions. Upon my encounter with him he asked me to dress him up like a little bitch in lingerie and paint his nails. The photos show him wearing a dog collar and licking some womans ass. lmao.

Julio before you have a heart attack, my boy JV really did you a solid by cropping out the other image. It was disgusting.- nik

Do You Feel Sorry For Kevin Bollaert


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Kevin Bollaert just got sentenced to 18 years in prison for extortion and his “revenge porn” website: He encouraged ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to send naked and compromising photos of their previous partners to him for his website. He’d then post with their full name, age, Facebook page and contact information. In order to remove, he’d charge 250-350 dollars–and in 10 months made approximately $30,000.00. He argued free speech. As the owner and facilitator of a controversial website yourself, do you think the punishment fits the crime? Do you feel sorry for him?

I don’t feel sorry for Kevin. He went out of his way to harm people. I feel like the punishment was justified.- nik

Should I go Blonde


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, quick question for you. Should I go blonde?

Yes Jade and get that sh*t out of your nose.- nik

Coffee Spits


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. This is falyn, goes by falyn Chloe on Fb. I use to be good friends with her until I found out she was hooking up and sending nudes to my bf at the time. She puts out to easily , from what she told me she has fcked 35 men and most of them with gfs. She also told me while she was working she spits in customers coffees at Timmie’s. This ratchet ass hoe needs to be put on blast.

Adam Gould


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gem is the biggest con artist in east county. He has no job and bounces around from all of his friends borrowing money and anything else he can con them out of with his sad pity party. Hes 30 years old and refuses to pay child support or daycare and instead spends his money on himself with a gym membership, Jui jitsu membership, new clothes shoes etc. He pretends to be a good dad but beneath his fake a$$ facebook posts and pictures he is a selfish disgusting human being. I feel so bad for his daughter and her mom who works hard to support her daughter and and pay the bills. This guy needs a reality check, you’re 30 years old. GET A JOB. His daughter would be better off without this dead beat in her life!

Pepsi Gym Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little skeezer goes by the name Lexi. She lives in San Diego and works as a pastry chef in North Park. Not only is this little drug addict a slut but she’s also a thief. She’s hooked up with lots of guys at 24hr fitness and loves drinking sperm for the protein benefits. She loves giving BJ’s to random strangers and even offered to give my buddy one the first time she met him. When she isn’t getting high or taking xanax bars she’s sending naked pics of herself to guys for attention. Did I mention she has a bf, poor soul has no clue what kind of girl she is. She’s definitely one of the bigger skanks in San Diego.

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