Carmel Valley’s #1 Closet Case


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I want to introduce you to Ami Berman – a loud and proud graduate of Torrey Pines High School. Ami always likes to be in the spotlight. But please, don’t let the pictures with girls mislead you, we clearly know which way this sad excuse for a guy swings. Ami’s profiles can be found on Tinder, Grindr, Craigslist or other gay hookup apps/sites; anywhere he can lurk for young twink boys to verbally abuse and take advantage of. Ami, let me tell YOU how the world works – grow a sack and come out already – NOBODY likes closet cases. Clearly being in denial for 23 years has left you with some psychological damage. At 23, you still live at home with mommy and daddy and work as an intern at the San Diego Zoo – when you’re not getting your greg wet with young boys. Suggestion, GO visit a therapist and get your shit together. I have 0 empathy for this self-centered fairy. Nik, please put him on blast and in his place. Maybe this will help him come to grips with reality and discover his inner diva.

I’m Tired of Sabrina Nellie


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m tired of this hyped up brat, Sabrina Nellie. I went into her cam room the other day being new to that world, I just wanted to check out what it was all about. She was complaining that it was slow so I decided to sign up, buy a few tokens, and tip the poor desperate girl just to get something going. I didn’t know once you sign up on my free cams, that you become a ‘basic’ member and THEN have to turn around and buy tokens separately to become a ‘premium’ member… OK, I was willing to do that still. Well, long story short… As soon as I signed up some of her -obvious- regular members started calling me a “newb something bla bla bla” and much more.. How in the F did they even know what I was when I had LITERALLY just signed up?!?!?! I didn’t even have a chance to purchase tokens and was already getting cussed out and harassed by some of her ‘regulars’ telling me to “tip” her, WHEN THEY WEREN’T EITHER. I thought she’d put an end to it but it seemed she just enjoyed any kind of attention even if it was negative. I came in the next day to ask her about it, and to see if this was they way things normally went, and she continued to ignore me. Sabrina Nellie is all hype, and I’m over her and her nasty stretched out loose poop stained butthole. Do not waste any money or time on her. She definitely isn’t worth it. – And what the f*ck is wrong with all of the skinny girls these days pulling their underwear up so high on their hips to try and make themselves look ‘thicker’? Who are they trying to fool? YOU’RE SKINNY, be thankful for that when you live in a country with such a high obesity rate! In her cam show the other night, someone asked her if she had saline or silicone implants… AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. I could go on and on….. I’m just done with this mess.

I keep saying she is a scam and nobody believes me.- nik

Nino Venturella’s Big Time Hustle


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know Nino Venturella and his parents. Who he treats like crap. This loser went from being a broke desk clerk at Wells Fargo to a multi-Millionaire after reaping all the money from his fake charities.  This guy has five fake charities he pockets all the cash and gives away absolutely none of it.  Nino went from having nothing in his bank account to having a Bugatti and classic Ferrari plus a boat. Nino is a complete retard who doesn’t have a college degree but has managed to make a lot of friends with an enormous amount of wealth he takes advantage of. His fat annoying wife Bianca also helps him with the scams. His parents are such nice people and it makes us sick how he spends other peoples money on coke, bottle service and exotic cars. Nino has become the worlds biggest tool since becoming rich from his scams and absolutely no one besides his cretin wife can stand him anymore.

Botox around the eye area never hurt anyone.- nik

Nino Venturella: Toolbag ponzi Scheme artist


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nino comes off as your typical jersey shore type retard guido juice head with no brains and no college education which he lies about so people don’t assume he’s an imbecile but he’s actually much worse then that. Nino was a desk clerk at wells fargo until he decided its time to start a ponzi scheme to get rich. He targets members of the karma foundation who are known wealthy ballers in southern California that party on yachts and huge mansions including the famous playboy mansion. He went from having no car and living with roommates to having a buggati, ferrari, boats as well as a big house. Everyone who really knows Nino understands where his overwhelming wealth come from including his parents who he treats like crap after becoming rich from his scams. His fat ugly annoying wife Bianca helps him out with his ponzi scheme too they’re a loud, crazy super team of scammers. Keep your money away from Nino your not really investing in mortgage backed securities your investing in his lavish lifestyle and ability to show his other investors small returns so they don’t call the police.

Nate Reed is Downlow Gay


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was romantically involved with this man for the past year off and on, we hang out at gay clubs all around San Diego county and we were really happy, so I thought. Now I find out he’s gay bashing on instagram and fb and HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! I confronted him and of course denied it and came to see me, we kissed and made up, had earth quacking sex and he reassured me that he loves me and his pages were hacked by an ex and he is not BI or dating any females so I laid off him. Next day I see him commenting to his friends on an instagram pic (from my fake page he added) and here he is denying ever being gay or sexing a man. I call him and he hangs up, i text and tell him i am writing his girl, so he blocks my number. This man is a fraud, he works at SOLAR CITY in SD and he IS GAY AND HAS BEEN FOR YEARS. my name is tavarious hayes and feel free to search my name and see proof. look at this mans pics, the selfies…. he is feminine as they come, anyone can tell he likes sausage with his breakfast. i have photos posted of us making out, cuddling in bed, hell i even have pics of us having sex. If he aint gay then honey what are these hickeys on my d*ck???? we knocking on the closet oy… you coming out, or nah???

When surfing for a couch.- nik

Please Help My Friend


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, an old friend of mine has pretty much given up hope on ever finding love. He decided to start contacting attractive women online to see what it would cost him for them to escort him to business parties and take care of his needs. I have tried to talk sense into him but it is doung no good. He has a planned date with this girl Charlotte who was in Playboy this weekend. He is paying her 2 grand for a night. I know he is desperate for companionship but he needs to stop. Please talk some sense into him.

Why does the tip of her nose match her under thighs?- nik

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