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Please Help My Friend


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, an old friend of mine has pretty much given up hope on ever finding love. He decided to start contacting attractive women online to see what it would cost him for them to escort him to business parties and take care of his needs. I have tried to talk sense into him but it is doung no good. He has a planned date with this girl Charlotte who was in Playboy this weekend. He is paying her 2 grand for a night. I know he is desperate for companionship but he needs to stop. Please talk some sense into him.

Why does the tip of her nose match her under thighs?- nik

Sabrina Nellie Is Losing It



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik – check out these screen shots of Sabrina Nellie’s social media. The other night she posted a video of her boyfriend verbally abusing her and after her fans ran to his IG to harass him and call him names, she quickly deleted it. Then she posted the pictures of the sliced up leg on her Twitter. What is happening to this girl? 2 years ago she was making bank being a cam “model” and now she’s making excuses for her cam score, such as she doesn’t care anymore. Do you think she realizes that her public psycho drama is affecting her appeal to her former viewers? How much credibility does she have left? All she has now are high school age fans who don’t know any better and run to her defense any chance they get.

Sabrina I think it’s time for a move. You need help.- nik

Fugitive Escort on the Prowl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this crazy vixen, Vannesha ‘ Vee ‘ Fries or DeSousa or Yang is currently on the run from the law. Whereabouts are unknown as she recently just got out of prison and escaped from parole. She found some dude to marry her in order to change her last name. In between using him for a base of operations and a place to hide she sidelined as a backpage prostitute. Until he found out. She goes from man to man, exploiting what she can out of them before they find out the truth. She has had multiple marriages and children. She’s a predator, a sociopath. One the father even had to take the kid and move to another country to get away from her. She lies to her family, her friends, and always the clients she meets. She tells a convincing sob story and plays a victim to have anyone help her with her survival, her addictions and thus her self-destruction. Her current plan is likely to build up enough cash, buy a new identity, and move to San Diego/Las Vegas and golddig dig the s**t out of some poor chump. She’s extremely manipulative and can weave any story to get into your head and convince you that it’s true love. Men of SoCal and Vegas, watch out for the girl with the bat tattoos on her neck and the lip tattoo that says ‘please’ Don’t think with your dick and run for the hills if you come across this one. Escort page just in case, supposedly put up by an ex to tarnish her name, unfortunately she never tells the men she meets her real name.

Madjka Allie Huynh


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one is a special kind of lowlife goldigger. If you see this best thing you can do is run away. Has The character of,a,dung beetle. Will say or do,anything to get money out of,you using her family and even,her own daughter,to guilt trip you. Let me start from the beginning though. I met her at a house poker game with,mutual friends it went well For,first couple of,months and then she started.. We went to play another poker game which she,borrowed 400 from me promised to pay me when I took her home,went with her ex and,stiffed me. Long story short she Basicly only talks,and,acts,nice when,she wants something and thinks it’s,normal,to sneak out of,bed in the middle of the night to,go out drinking with other guys. She went to cali to,see family and Basicly started acting,like a little who’re as soon as,she got off,the plane. Will ignore calls and texts make up all kinds of lies and,call you needy and clingy and do her level best to make you question yourself. When in reality she is,running around,with another,guy and,thinks it’s ok,to,be dating someone and,letting,another guy spend stupid,money in her. Borrowed 7k. From me and then,said,it was all,gifts. Anyone who ever,meets this piece of shit you have been warned she’s only after what she can,get from,you not one second longer even,if,you give her a lot she wants more. She used,the guy she cheated,on me as well. She goes between key west and san diego those most,likely places you would,run into,that Skank .

Manipulative Man Josh Rehkopf


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Josh Rehkopf. Recovering heroine addict. He would always say, “When I was using, I was the best liar, and mass manipulator.” Well he still is! He prey’s on weak girls. He has been playing girls since he was 13 years old. He usually is in a relationship with one, while he leaves one without closure, and has another one on the side, just in case. He is very into himself. He thinks he’s so hot, and can get any girl he wants. He leads girls on, and then dips. He is almost 30 and his parents do everything for him. He wants a girl that is going to do just that, and let him do whatever he wants. He is very mentally unstable, but he likes to make the public think he’s got it all together. He is extremely co- dependent, he can’t go a day without sex, or a girl. His own parents ask people for advice on his co- dependancy. And he tries to turn everyone against the girl. He has short man syndrome and is so angry inside all the time. He is most definitely the man slut of Rancho Penasquitos, Encinitas, Ramona, you name the city, he’s probably done someone in it. He would brag about how he has slept with over 50 girls!

Brittanya Razavi is a Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dumb slag Brittanya Razavi is a nasty thief.  She claims to be a model and actress but is just a wanna be celebrity on Instagram.  She is a thug and a gangster. Her boyfriend is in jail and she sells her body for sex and usually steals from her clients. Her tattoos are gross. She needs to leave me and my girl alone.

Brett Michaels should have married this girl. It would have saved both their careers.- nik

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