Aris is exposed again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is complete trash. She is a lazy bum and doesn’t want to do real work so all she does is jump on Craigslist and Miss travel to find old guys who will pay for her presence. No wonder she smells like rotten eggs. Pretty sure that’s j**z in her eye on the one pic. She thinks she is so hot lol, Nuff said

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Don’t Be This Dad


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please never be like this dad. I was trying to enjoy my brunch but had to snap a picture and put this guy on blast. This guy would rather sit on his phone for an hour and call people about his cracked screen than enjoy breakfast with his daughter who was practically crying for his attention. Every time she’d talk he’d say he was too busy in the most rude and dismissive tone. She even ordered by herself because he ignored her the entire time they were there. Such a dad fail.  Also worth mentioning, the waitress felt bad enough that she started talking to the kid and asking how she was and what she was into. I overheard the dad say they were on their way to the mom’s house after this. I’m assuming they’re split up and this was some sort of visitation or something. Maybe the Mom will see this and call the dad out for being the worst ever.

He obviously cannot do laundry correctly either.- nik

Bickering Sarah Basler & Kailey Eckert


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Sarah Basler and Kailey Eckert. Since they refuse to take down the disgusting, inexcusable post regarding myself and my child I’ve taken time out of my day as a full time student, employee and mother to speak on my own behalf. These women know nothing about me or my life. They are bitter and butthurt that Sarah’s ex husband fell in love with me, and I’m guessing this is how grown women who mentally remain in 8th grade express their anger nowadays, so let’s give it a go. Ill start with Sarah since she thinks it’s cute to ignorantly run her mouth about things she knows nothing about and circumstances beyond my control. Yes, the father of my child battles addiction. No, he isn’t in her life much, but he loves her to the best of his abilities and I singlehandedly make up for his shortcomings…tenfold. You think it makes you prettier to talk down on someone’s looks? You seem to forget that I’ve actually been told by someone who’s been with you what your dried up, blown out p**sy looks and feels like. So next time you want to make fun of MY tits or MY eyebrows, wipe all that makeup off, take your dentures and fake hair out, and instead, stand In front of the mirror and cry over the stretch marks covering YOUR tits and ass. (PSA) Bones stop growing after puberty and muscle and fat cells also stop dividing. But noses continue to grow until the day you die. Sucks for you. Kailey, apparently, is the DUFF (Designated ugly fat friend) who likes to put her normal sized nose where it doesn’t belong. This girl is just simply Sarah’s overgrown guard dog. An instigator with a mouth as big as her thighs. Anyways, I’m bored already. Can’t believe this is actually a thing people find pleasure in. Reevaluate your sad, uneventful lives. Go to school, get a job, do SOMETHING for christ’s sake, you have a child to think about too. I may be a “God fearing Christian” but I’m definitely not afraid of two jealous, insecure, pathetic little bitches.

Megan & Manny Exposed


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start with these two Ramonas Finest at there best This girl will do almost anything for a piece of cash like betraying her friends and being a two faced bitch Megan has never been classy this little hoe has gone as far as shoving a banana in her pussy for some change so her and her broke ass boyfriend can put some gas in her shitty little saturn so they can drive around high and join the other drug heads BEWARE MOTHERS THESEE PEOPLE ARE ON THE ROAD!! Her boyfriend Manny is living his life in denial doesnt want to belive how his girlfriend is jumping on dicks left and right he probably doesnt even care as long as she brings home the money He wont fight anyone only yells at females with his pussy ass YOu will most likely see them in there car yelling at people NEVER OUT OF IT!!!! they are so fit for eachother they will never get better there scared of anyone that comes there way all they will ever do is live at home with her dad and hide behind that big fence !! They need to lay off the drugs u can tell from all the pick marks on her face that she loves tenfoil! Her Boyfriend is a woman beater and hes the same size as her its a shame!

Mother of 2 Kyla Needs To Slow Down


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls is a mess. She is overly tan, has bad plastic surgery and does horrible photoshop on her pictures. All she does is post selfies. Kyla, stop posting pictures your giving people nightmares!  Take care of your children!!!

Major lip gloss issues. Sometimes when we age our lip gloss decisions do not age with us.- nik

The Hottest Bartender At Parq


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, San Diego’s mega Las Vegas wanna be nightclub needs to clean up their staff. I went there last night and I was disappointed in the bottle servers. Parq when Julia Shadae is your hottest staff member..maybe it is time to import from Las Vegas.

The dead roses and nose ring make me think = Temecula.- nik

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