The Hottest Bartender At Parq


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, San Diego’s mega Las Vegas wanna be nightclub needs to clean up their staff. I went there last night and I was disappointed in the bottle servers. Parq when Julia Shadae is your hottest staff member..maybe it is time to import from Las Vegas.

The dead roses and nose ring make me think = Temecula.- nik

Navy slore Getting with Married Coworkers


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, MA(Navy Police) Elma Sebastien is Nothing but a DrD infested homewrecker. If you were going to cheat on your boyfriend you shouldn’t do it with people you work with. I don’t get how some girls can brag about targeting men who are married. I feel sorry for the poor guy who ends up with that baby Shim. Hopefully she gets her daddy issues in check and can one day find a meaningful relationship.

San Diego’s Dr. Frankenstein — Dr. Pousti


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, have you heard about this doctor in San Diego, Dr. Pousti? He’s a board certified plastic surgeon and he has super high reviews, but he’s a Dr. Frankenstein. He specializes in XL implants and prides himself on going HUGE with his overfilling of implants. He regularly does 2,000cc implants and has placed over 3,000cc’s into women. These delusional women leave his office looking like pornstars and circus acts. He requests women bring in pictures of what they want to look like, so no joke, they will come in with poster boards covered in pictures of over inflated pornstars. When other doctors tell these women it’s dangerous to go bigger, he has no problem doing it. He obviously doesn’t care about the whole “first do no harm” portion of his oath. He also brands these women by selling them shirts that say things like “Body by Pousti” or “I got my BA at Pousti University”. His wife was also charged with tax evasion and ordered to no longer run the books of his office.

Ass on the chest makes no sense to me.- nik

Don’t Pay His Employees


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy Owns a club in el centro ca. He dose not pay his employees and gets mad when they ask for there money. but barks orders like they are his slaves.He hits on anything that walks and trys to flaunt like he has money, In reality he is broker then shit. He crys to his ex and her mom for money and to help him out of all the shit he gets in to. He steals the tips from his bartenders. Also beware he refills top shelf bottles with cheap well stuff. The club has not had gas since last friday night which means all the glasses, forks and everything eles is not cleaned property so someone could get sick.

Gloria Chavez’s Spawn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girl is so dirty from head to toe. When she was only 15 she had sex with her 40 year old neighbor. The worst thing about it was that his wife had felt sorry for her cause her mom let her get pregnant at 13 and made her have an abortion. so she opened her home just so she can get screwed over. She was caught red handed by the then 13 year old son. She destroyed their lives. Lidia Chave is her name aka Lidia Mora now Lidia Nunez, because she convinced a poor 21 yo pathetic loser Paul to marry her, who happens to also be on here from years ago. Apparently they’ve both left dirt trails leading upto here. Hey one thing for sure, her whoring days made her famous. Only thing is, take a good look, shes no Kim lol

Dan Sileo is a dirty old man


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dan Sileo is a dirty old man with major issues. He treats women like whores. He makes him self sound so great with all his lies. He’s a pathological liar and scum bag trying to pick up on young women on Facebook. He needs to lay off the drugs, lose weight, wear better clothes, and get fired from his job that he sucks so bad at. Please tell that dirty old man to retire.

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