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Angel Orrantia is rough with escorts


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Angel Orrantia who works at SKTA is a big fat dolt who routinely uses the services of escorts and call girls around the bay area. Angel Orrantia always ask for young, small and petite girls who are subservient to him and during intimacy he subjects them to harsh and degrading treatment. It is only a matter of time before a call girl is found seriously injured or even dead at the hands of Angel Orrantia. He always forces his escorts to use the washroom and he likes to watch them on the potty. In other words, Angel Orrantia is a complete freak!!! Even worst, Angel Orrantia is an awful tipper! For the escort services he pays for he always goes over his allocated time and never tips! Nik, vulnerable girls in the escort business need to be aware and leery of this monster Angel Orrantia!!!

Don’t Let Christina De LA Pena Use You


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was seeing Christina and recently found out the game she has been playing.  I live in San Francisco, got a penthouse, 53 years old, got played by her and left with a sexual transmitted disease.  She left her phone out and I went through her text messages. Saw the 17 guys she’s been playing for money.  I wrote down some numbers, some guys would talk to me and they have also been having sex with her for money.  I found out she just wants to be a sugar baby.  I’m devastated and guys need to know she uses and has sex for men money.  She doesn’t work nor have anything going for her.  I just want to make sure no one falls for the same thing like I did!

I feel bad for your Greg… I really do.- nik

The Creator of CandyLipz of Thienna


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Thienna is the creator of a lip suction device designed to plump lips. The reviews are raging with positivity. There is nothing negative to be found. I found out the reason about that after I bought the product. CandyLipz caught my eye because it fit my budget and is marketed towards my low self esteem. I wanted bigger lips, but I didn’t want to be left with a dent in my wallet every 6 months for juvaderm. When I bought the product, it was like a dream come true. I followed the directions and things went well despite the result last only 30 mins tops. After I used the product here and there, I developed an abnormally large puffy lip. The puffiness extends outside my lipline. It changes color all the time from pink to purple and swells randomly. I haven’t used the product since April but the puffiness and scar is there to remind me. When I reviewed it truthfully, Thienna deleted my comments. She deletes all negative comments so people are swayed into buying her product. I should have done more research. The product is unhealthy and bogus. Idk how I thought a suction device would be healthy, lol. It was my mistake and I deserve a weird upper lip after all this. I hope I can make people think before they fall for the trap! P.S.: none of the awards she claims to have won are real!

Only morons would use this product (sorry OP).- nik

Rowan Trollope Has Been Embezzling Funds


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Rowan Trollope is a General Manager and a VP of the Collaboration Group at Cisco Systems who had downright unethical and morally bankrupt in all ways. Rowan Trollope has been expenses pretty much anything and everything from travel to merchandise that he writes off as corporate used but in reality those are for his personal gain. Furthermore, Rowan Trollope has been taking substantial kickbacks in exchange for deals with Cisco, which is not only a form of bribery and embezzlement, but also a crime. Plus, Rowan Trollope (who is married with kids) has also been having sexual affairs with several females who are his subordinates. Rowan Trollope even razes people that dare question his ways. Nik, it is in the best interest of Cisco’s shareholders that Rowan Trollope be fired from Cisco because simply he and his cronies from Symantec have created a toxic work environment.

Rowan needs to embezzle some teeth whitener.- nik

Tyson P Rapist & Theif


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy comes to san francisco and tries to get to know me gets me wasted then takes $$ out of my purse. He was idiotic enough to give out real full name and i googled him, He’s a convicted rapist and only 25!!! so i’m glad money is the only thing he took from me. Him and his girlfriend (stephanie C) try to befriend me and did this, i’m disgusted. Stay away from this creep and his girlfriend.

Katie Williams Went Plastic Surgery Overload


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Katie Williams, she’s from Marin and lives in Sonoma county but works as a bottle girl in San Francisco. My friend grew up with her in Marin and showed me what she use to look like and it’s such a shame that she ruined herself with plastic surgery. She WAS a beautiful young woman with a great smile and I can honestly say I would have been jealous of her natural beauty had I known her then. She’s had more than one breast augmentation, lip implants, face lift, nose job, Botox, fillers, the list goes on as you can clearly see. She thinks that she is hot 💩💩💩 and a model but she is short and has a lazy eye (maybe because of her plastic surgery overload) she was apparently a “bikini competitor” as a job (not sure how you get paid for that, especially if you never compete in a show and just keep claiming to be “training”) she moved down to San Diego and from what I understand she ran out of money and begged for her ex in Northern California to take her back (so she would have a place to live) she moved back to northern CA and is now working at a country themed nightclub (yes you read that correctly) as a VIP bottle girl. She ruined her face and body with surgery, posts photos of her fake creepy tits for attention and is a non competing bikini competitor… Wow her boyfriend is so lucky… I would be disgusted if my son brought THAT home.

She just has an abnormally wide jaw which can be (somewhat) corrected with a better chin implant.- nik

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