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Mariel 415_MJK


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mariel Kamp of san francisco is simply one of the raunchiest, wildest, fattest d*ck suckin slores there is. She meets dudes from craigslist and in bars and has oral, anal and any type of sex in the back of her new mustang “daddy” bought her as long as you have a penis. She makes up lies about other guys girlfriends to have sex with them and destroy the woman and travels around having sex with anyone who’s willing. She recently went to Isreal to find her heritage aka “new dick” #YA826. Mariel is nothing but a lying,cheating, nasty pepsi slore with nothing but drama in her life. She makes up lies to ruin peoples lives and is UGLY~~ did i mention shes UGLY?!? look at those pix If you know this girl tell her shes nothing but a joke and that’s all she’ll ever be.

Mariel Joyce Kamp Pena


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is nothing but a home wrecking sloot. She came running to my boyfriend after the woman whose man she was sleeping with decided she had enough. Shes a rich pepsi slore who loves to go to various bars ANYWHERE gets wasted as hell and just will suck the greg of any person with us. Shes been busted multiple times for sucking dick in the bathroom of the Avenues bar and f’ing for free tattoos or discounted tattoos. – stay away from my man and all these other men, find your own!

What’s growing in that soap tray?- nik

Why You Should Delete Your Facebook

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch this video and tell me you still want to have your Facebook active.

Thanks for the Nerd Wars. Deleting Facebook from my phone RIGHT NOW. I was wondering how they knew what kind of diapers I buy.- nik

Brett Bernstein Hustle Continues: San Francisco Edition


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I read the last post on Brett Bernstein and believe it or not he pulled similar crap on people in San Francisco. He collected around 120 grande from investors sank it into a phone app called honk which ended up failing miserably he then stopped returning calls, texts and emails from investors and fled to Santa Monica. What pissed me off even more was how he only spent 80 grande to have the app created the rest he blew on escorts, coke, and bottle service. Brett is a complete idiot but acts like a big shot with all the answers which fools really stupid people into giving him their money. Its still unbelievable how many people he tricks though the Brett was a failed actor for 5 years before he moved to SF to start scamming people for startup cash. He targets idiots with big trust funds and has a decent success rate, any person with a basic college degree and a brain can pick up the fact that he’s a fraud in the first minute of talking to him though. If you give Brett Bernstein startup cash that money will be gone and fast period lol.

I love Cal Poly.- nik



The Truth About Danielle Finley


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Danielle (Dani) Finely aka the Girlfriend on the cam site MFC.  She spews her karma and yoga lifestyle BS even though in reality Mrs. Finley is the a very deceitful person. I was able to end any relationship we had before she could screw me over, but many have not been as lucky. Dani told me that a member once committed credit card fraud in the range of $60k in order to tip her and buy her gifts. She was aware that this member (Bongo) had done this, but was totally okay with it. She also fixes all of her so called raffles as I was supposed to win a Reno date, but was unable to get away that particular weekend. Instead she fixed it, so a member named TexasStud aka Qupasia was the winner. The thing that is really sad is that once she has a guy hooked her attitude is to get everything out of them she can.  Dani has admitted to making guys feel like they are not doing enough in order to get more tips….

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Interracial Dating in the Gay Community is Horrible


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m just a gay man of color looking for love. And of course dating has been the worst especially when it comes to dating white men. I usually get caught up talking to jerks like this guy who constantly objectified me the whole time while speaking, saying that my hair looks so natural, my skin is so dark and smooth, and my ass must be big because I’m of color. He admitted to being wrong for calling me horrible names but then insisted on me just being difficult—despite being the one offending me. When can we spread the love and love each other for our gayness and not get mad when someone corrects you for being out of line?

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