What a Difference Makeup Can Make


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, makeup can do wonders. Look at these before and after pictures of Angelina Polska. I personally don’t find her attractive but before makeup she looks like a sloth and I nave no idea why she would let that be known.

Keeping it 💯 doesn’t work for everyone.- nik




My Surgeon Won’t Refund Me


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, in September 2012 I had breast implants placed. Soon after placement, the incision felt as if they were ripping. I told the surgeon and he said it was common pain, but it wasn’t a common pain at all. The pain was excrutiating. Over time, the implant was slipping out of the socket aka bottoming out. I made many impomptu appointments to see the surgeon. Our agreement said that if I needed them fixed, he would do it for free under one year. My issue and time it happened fell under the range so I mentioned our agreement. He told me he would not do it and I didn’t need it. He claims the only reason I went was due to “them looking bad and should’ve had a nose job instead of implants.” I was so upset. I kept making appointments with him because the pain was awful. He never helped me, but he had no problem trying to sell me injections. The following year, I had them removed. Prior to the removal, 3 surgeons said I bottomed out. The OG surgeon never kept his follow up appointments with me. He never cared about me.. Do you think I could sue for malpractice? Is there anything I could do? He deletes all my yelp reviews and sent cops to my house.. I don’t know why. I only said the truth!

Of course there is something you can do!!! Submit his ass to TheDirty.com. Ladies and Trans need to see his face and full name. Stop thinking of yourself and SAVE others!!- nik

Geckos Can’t sleep their way to the top


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jamie Lynn Oliveira is a truly unique piece of work… But more so a unique POS. She’s claimed to have done it all! She’s a faked being an agency model, faked CANCER, faked other work experience… Even faked plans for her daughter’s “birthday” to sneak away with her friends husband to have an affair, while her friend was at home 9 months pregnant. It gets better! Ms. Oliveira is legally still married to her second husband and the father of her second child. They are currently back together after her open relationship to her friends husband failed. She is currently unemployed. She lives in a house her mother owns. Her mother was complaining at a gathering back before her daughter’s affair even started that she could barley afford to keep Jamie’s phone on. Her mom owns a few homes in a small Central Valley town called Lodi where her, her daughter and grandchildren live. She’s openly broadcast that she has been signed to the prestigious modeling agency Ford Models. If you look at any of her pictures you can tell even as someone outside of fashion that she has no talent. Aside from being tall, she’s 6’1″, there’s no understanding of posing that translates in her face or body movement. I called Ford Models to verify her story. You too can go to the official website, call the NY office number under contact information and ask to be transferred to HR. I gave them her information and asked if she was ever involved with any of the branches. They said no. In fact, Jamie has never been signed to an agency and that’s why she has her “momager”. No one but her mom would waste time trying to promote her at the expired modeling age of 28 with two small children. Now Ms. Oliveira seems like a very sweet girl but when I first met her I got a gut feeling she was fake and not to be trusted. I didn’t have any reason to not like her but my intuition was correct. She’s as Instagram model as it gets. She does 99% of her shoots with a photographer in the Bay Area named Mark Gunter who’s stuck by her despite her evil actions trying to sleep her way to the top. He has a online website to post pictures of Bay Area fashion shows, but doesn’t pay anyone for their work. Long story short the man was taking a business trip to Miami and word got around she was bragging she was going with him and that she was sure she could seduce him. She also told a girl in text that if he didn’t give her what she wanted she would sue him for sexual harassment. Thanks for the written trail doll! Jamie at a event told the wife to her face she would never go and never have a affair with her husband when the wife confronted her. Actually, it “was her daughter’s birthday” and she was taking the kids to Disney land and then the lake. Her daughter was actually with her on this fateful day and said mommy my birthday isn’t until December… And it was currently September. The scariest part is this chick was trying so hard to involve herself in her boss’s life, she even kept trying to plan the baby shower and insisted on doing it alone. The baby shower was almost ruined anyways because it was scheduled the weekend after the cheaters got back from their “business trip”. Her mother btw watched the kids for her so she could go and they both called and messaged people that the shower was canceled. Can you say sociopaths? It was like something out of a bad Lifetime Movie!! This chick wanted her bosses husband, job and baby. Long story short she goes to Miami, has the affair and then a week later starts boasting about their adventures and how great it feels to be a “power couple”. She thought she was going to have it made and for a while she did! At least until the man got tired of her bull shit including her lie that she had cancer.

Silicon Valley’s Daniela Can’t Fool Us

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 11.59.41 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Daniela… SF Bay area’s longest standing escort and starf*cker… She was a $2000/hr escort working for venture capitalists and CEOs around the bay area but started having sex with athletes and lost all her business. Puts on this sick good girl act and thinks she can hide because she graduated college but everyone around here knows the truth honey. Word is she’s been sleeping with NBA-Star Draymond Green for her latest profit… these white women are the DEVIL!!!

Draymond seems a little slow to me. Every time he talks, he doesn’t make sense.- nik

Cassie Trinh Isn’t Rich


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what’s the Intel on this girl? Seems like she’s from San Gabriel but currently located in SF (possibly on a living arrangement) her room shows she’s not rich.. Given the fact that her bedroom is a mattress on the floor. Typical whore who don’t invest in furniture and only for handbags and useless sh*t. She likes to post dirty stuff on her page which attracts thirsty ass fools who don’t realize she’s a fake ass bitch that fronts.  You really think we’re going to believe you got that Hermes as if you worked for it? Yeah working by laying on your back.  Welcome to TheDirty honey.

Does Demi Uredi Get Protection From Her Father


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Demi Uredi who is a huge large scale drug dealer, she travels all over the world with her drug money and has never got in trouble.  Her father is a cop, so I wonder if he protects her and keeps her out of trouble.

I think I have that same couch from Z Gallerie.- nik

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