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USC Delta Gamma’s Hottest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chicks name is Becky Moine. She is a Delta Gamma here at USC. She thinks shes the hottest thing walking on campus and although she is really hot she is the biggest sl*t! Some of her “sisters” from her sorority told me a bunch of sh*t on her so I thought I’d put her on blast. When she was pledging her freshman year she had a foursome with 4 guys from Lambda Chi to get initiated. It was watched over by her “big sister”. Lets just say this tan loves and craves it in her starfish.

She smells like…- nik

Manly Mandy

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik here is Mandy Blume. One of the many lovely hooters girls. I know her chin may be a little JayLeno, but how are you feeling about this girl? She is blonde just like you like.

Not a fan of gymnasts.- nik

Miss Kiss

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is kattrina kiss , been fcking her lately but i have my suspicions she fck around alot she says shes a good girl but shes way to freaky and good in the sack!!!! would you ?

Answer: No, her lack of hips makes her look like a man + big birds a little alarming.

We Are Getting Tired Of Dominique Zimmerman

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dominique Zimmerman and this piece of trash hangs with “famous aspiring” dancers. She has wiggled her silicone ass into a circle of friends like Tabitha “barf” Taylor and is trying to get in the limelight. After all the plastic surgeries, implant etc, she is now known as “Krusty the rubber Clown”. She has a boyfriend, poor guy, if he only knew how her butt was getting reamed when he goes away on “business” trips. Poor moron is one step up from a janitor. She has been seen with Scooby Snack…..ENOUGH said.

She looks Asian to me… maybe it’s the stretch from the horizontal face lift.- nik

Turkish Babe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Eda Arapaslan, she’s a Turkish babe who lives with a douchebag in Culver City. Eventhough she has the looks of a sweet girl, the only problem is she likes to talk a lot. I would totally f**k her anytime, if it weren’t for that douche named Eray she lives with. What do you think Nik? Would you?

Answer: No, that arm shows age (not dirt or browing from the camera)

Nasty Coniving Ashley Rodgers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley Rodgers. Coniving, ugly, fat, untalented shrek looking slut. Saggyest pair of tits you will ever see on a girl. under the age of 60. Overweight. Looks as if she already had a couple kids. Cant stop eating. WITCHES WART on her nose. Received special grant from the state to pay for her cosmetology school by being SPECIAL ED in high school. Struggles with hairstyling profession. Works at Supercuts. Many client complaints with hair results, As seen in picture, horrible brassy coloring, and tremendous amount of roots showing. This ugly fat slut meets her long time love and heartbreak, now an ex, at a party while he had a girlfriend. Sucks his dick behind a REFRIGERATOR. comes out from behind fridge with dust bunnies in hair and face. Gets cheated on their whole relationship, just behind different assortments of furnitures. karma is a bitch! Later on after getting dumped for her even fatter, boring best friend. Still currently occasionally shows up to her ex’s work wasted like the trash she is, yelling profanity and throwing punches at him. This is what you call a desperate obssessed stalker. Watch out for SHREK trudging through santa clarita!

Flap jack gap!- nik

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