Percy birdy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Percy bird . dirty ass f*ot was in boxing my Girlfriend pics of himself ! He’s on of The dirtiest guys in NB area he will bone anything with a hole ! Any age , any size doesn’t matter him .. He’s a desperate goof ! Plus yes positive for drd and is dating NB’s dirtiest bitch Ashley Lennie !! They go together real good . just 2 dirty druggies and ashly had a kid that sue did drugs with through her whole pregnancy and now he claims that kid . a f’eb up pair ! Probably only together because they are the most hated .

Who wears a watch when their socks off?- nik

Cheating Spiritual pervert


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gross man, is well-known in Saskatoon’s art & spiritual community, but he happens to be a sneaky perverted predator. He has a partner of 10+ years that he constantly cheats on with younger men. He meets them at the Fieldhouse in the steam room, and even brings them to his house. I feel bad for his unsuspecting partner. He got caught before but lied through his teeth and his partner believed him. He pretends to be an honest, upstanding citizen, but Cesar Alejandro Romero is a lying, cheating pig. His partner Eric deserves better and needs to know. According to my friend he preyed on, this man doesn’t even use condoms so he’s probably spreading diseases around too.

Troubled Couple


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Chelsey laliberte and her stupid boyfriend “blanco bricks” they’ve been dating for a while and now he got her bannock ass pregnant, while he already has two kids. Chels moved here from Winnipeg because she owed a lot of money from unpaid bills. she also dated that scum loser “Jon c” from winnipegs most but he cheated on her finally enough times where she ended it , which made her move here, finally she finished her grade 12 when she was 23. Hun maybe you should date a normal guy and not stupid retards that think they’re gonna make it big by being a prarie boy rapper. You’re just going to be a waitress while your boyfriend stays at home “making beats”

Hood rat Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty girl, Angela Biron thieved a woman’s purse and used her credit to rack up $500+ on a new phone, plus other stuff. The dummy was dumb enough to give her address when signing up for the phone. This low thief lives at [removed] and her # is [removed]. She works at the UofS but should be fired and sent back to disgusting Meadow Lake where she belongs. She gives First Nation’s a bad name. She should be charged.

One of Rains finest pigs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Damion, he works at rain nightclub in Saskatoon. Damion along with almost every single one of his coworkers are pigs. Damion lives with his mommy and daddy, and probably has several kids (@ least you’d think by the way he plays girls). Sure ladies, he’s pretty to look at, but underneath that pretty face, is just an a-hole and a pig. He will try to sleep with anything that moves and even tries for Ladies between 19-50. Real winner don’t you think? If you want an arrogant pig, who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but their own and sleeps with numerous people throughout the week, then I guess he’s your guy. Ladies and gentlemen the one of many pigs from rain nightclub Saskatoon. Xoxo

Steven big custy haze


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for starters, this is saskatoons biggest oxy fiend, he`s a wanna be rapper. kinda like john cena you know? acts like hes a big time hustler. but his girlfriend jodie buys all his pepsi for him. soo… she put him on hahaha, You may wanna think twice before working with this goof, he has fucked over EVERY little homie he has had. for THOUSANDS. if he asks to work for you, you better say no… unless u wanna supply his habit, this guy is a snitch, as well.. he sold coke to an undercover cop… and got out the next month, HOW DO YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT?… by ratting out the plug. if he asks you to cash checks… dont do it, he has done it to 12 people. for around 10 grand. yeah… this guy is the biggest piece of sh*t you can imagine, asks to square up with 16 year old girls when hes 25 hahaha. SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET HIS DOOR KICKED in. but honestly. dont waste your time with this goof.

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