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Guy uses Facebook to get naked pictures


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Adam Hudson may seem like a normal guy, but in the world of Facebook he is not. He likes to go onto selfie sites to hunt down girls and get naked pictures of them. Might not seem so bad, however, he does this while he has/had a girlfriend, and a step child. While working out of town, away from his family, or whenever she wasn’t around he would send random facebook messages to myself asking what sort of things I was into. He would send pictures of himself and I would send pictures back, all the while not knowing that this woman and child were in the picture. I have facebook messaged the girl who was involved with him, where she informed me that I was number 10 of girls on the list that have notified her of this. We talked and I found out that she had been with him for almost three years, helping her raise her daughter, all the while oblivious to what he was doing behind her back. She even told me that he would just creep on her friends or his friends/friends wives pictures and jerk off to them, instead of just using porn like a normal person. She said she should of known because she found that he was doing the same behaviour with his ex before her, cheating, but on a porn site called Motherless. Even tried to get her to do other guys and sign up for craigslist in order to have a threesome, probably in attempts to make his years of cheating behaviour seem normal. This guy is extremely disgusting and I would warn anyone who comes across him. He may already have a girl, or even a child, in his life but he just can’t seem to keep it in his pants

Miss Unfortunate


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure everyone knows this hoe bag sybil whitehead. The girls a total waste of skin. Pregnant junky blaming how many guys for her growing baby. We all know she gets f’ed left and right by all these dess natives around saskatoon. how I first received these nasty pics of her saggy pregnant body she wants me to show my bf for her. Those are the type of bitches I hate. Have some damn respect for yourself and watch who you send your nudes to. I know you want a family but it aint going to happen when you keep chasing guys who already have them. Smdh girl you spread em you raise em none of this ” you guys can have this baby since he won’t be with me ” Bullshit. you coward.

I’m sure she has quite the stage presence with that gut flopping around.- nik

Jessica should be Charged


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  this slore of a number is Jessica Vance this dirty bitch knowingly has drd and is constantly sleeping with men and not telling them and she should be charged and its time someone took action on this dirty diseased whore I’m posting thisbebecause a few of my good friends f’ed her and she didn’t tell them and infected them and I want any guy that has banged this drd bar hooker to run tot he police station and get rid of this diseased bi*ch before she kills anyone and to top itoff sshe’s pregnant and she likes to lie about other girls and talk shit about them but she can’t tell anyone the truth about herself

That tat can’t be real.- nik

Saskatoon Sequill


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Denise Strongquill. This is saskatoons ugliest, most ratchet native Rez girl anyone has ever laid their eyes on. This troll has had 4 kids that belong to 4 different men. She doesn’t have custody of the 2 oldest because she can’t put the liquor away for longer then a day. CPS has been called so the youngest 2 are out of her care. This ratchet sloot is 26 years old and has hooked up with a 16 year old and talks to 15 year old little boys. She is what gives natives a bad name. You can find her spreading her 2cent legs in either Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and Yorkton area. She’s been used up and tossed out multiple of times. She is now back together with her ex who she forced to become a father to her 2 youngest kids and they both abuse those kids to no end. She lives off of welfare and has never had a job a day in her life popping out kids just so she can get free money from the government. Denise, you’re the dirtiest, ugliest troll anyone has ever met.

Burning through her childs money


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is ballyntine. She is a dirty self absorbed b**ch. She thinks she is better then everyone else and hot as hell! I think someone posted her previously. She is dirty and will sleep with anyone. Anyone she can get her hands on! I heard she stinks which is absolutely disgusting and she has a kid that she don’t take care of right! She will Act like a friend to you but sleep with your man. She did that too someone I know. She talks sh*t about everyone. She should get her self checked and quit blaming it on other people! I know this guy she was with and he got a ***! In my opinion she looks manly! She is dirty and uses people and even sleeps with older guys! Like way older! Spends all her child’s money and will suck dick for free. It doesn’t matter, you can meet her the same day and she will sleep with you, she is beyond desperate! She’s got no respect for her body! She’s absolutely nasty! I feel bad for her baby daddy in the hospital and she does this! Wow. Stay away from her unless you want something and a psycho nasty b**ch. Yikes and yuck!!!! Nasty!!! She is beyond the dirty. A rubby and a hood rat!!!

The lying Psychotic Child


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the other day this special dysfunctional ADHD retard posting lies about my gf. Well now it’s time to expose him even more. On his POF profile his name is HYDRA_heart … The word Hydra was chosen because He follows Astrian Astrology, born aug 8. The force of Hydra can be understood specifically by its name. Hydra is the creature with poisonous capabilities, intensity and a secret nature. Snakes also depict wisdom and a supreme form of spiritual power. Hydra people are very intense, secretive, and sexual; they often get exactly what they want. They can be extremely competitive and openly fierce in their arguments, and can often exploit spiritual power for recognition. If given to their negative tendencies, they can be very bad avengers and manipulators. Their inherent wisdom makes them quite adept in astrology, communications and psychology. . They are known to always attack their opponents as they suffer continual negative memories of their past. Derek has a fucked up past. This guy grew up with out a father , he has daddy issues. therefore He goes by Derek Killerman on facebook & Derek Michael Kaufmann . But due to his bad reputation he deactivated it. This free loading manipulative mooch is indeed dangerous to your health. Unless you’re rich; you have yourself one happy mooch. His dying mother must be proud she raised such a liar. Slash loser.

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