Megan the Town Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Megan Goshagar and she is trouble! She will sleep with anything that walks and has a dick! She once slept with my friends roommate becuz he bought her alcohol , she recently lost a bunch of weight due to her balanced diet of drugs,alcohol , and promiscuous unprotected sex, she also has had two abortions and has two daughters that she doesn’t have custody of becuz of how messed up she is! The two children she does have she did lots of drugs and alcohol when pregnant with them, she is also a thief and a manipulator, stay away Saskatoon! This chick is trouble !

Saskatoon’s Slew


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany she is one nasty chick you’ll meet. She sleeps with almost every guy I know and they say she really stinks. Gross!!! She has a kid but doesn’t take care of it leaving it with her mom all the time. She puts her self before her kid and spends all her child’s money on drinking and drugs! I seen her out one day with her kid was a 32 plus day. She had her kid dressed like a clown wearing pants and long sleeve shirt with socks and sandles. All dirty on a hot day! I would be so ashamed to take a kid out like that! And this girl was dressed in shorts! So horrible! Her baby daddy isn’t doing to well and in a hospital. She claims she loves him and misses him and yet she sleeps around! Who does that. This chick is truly a dirty and will try and sleep with your man! She will with anyone so take advantage of it. She goes by bee Summer. She thinks she is so hot and better then everyone else! She talks badly about everyone and some people having ***!

Toon Club Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is like all over at the clubs in Saskatoon every weekend always shaking her fat ass for drinks and dick. Sad to say she a mother but I don’t want to go there, anyways this sore fat whore is always wearing wraps to hide her fat and when I see her at the club she is always acting all innocent until the drugs come out and free drinks get handed to her.. like really who wants to be known ass a club hopping dog whore, when I am a mother I would not want to be in the clubs/ bars every damn weekend. its all fun and games hunny.. and I know you will know who wrote this Just for advice DACY you should quit your drinking.. I even remember years ago when she was pregnant she was still drinking and still doing what she does today nope haven’t once changed! you poor poor girl. you need help cause life ante about whoring around and getting laid and doing drugs and drinking/clubbing/meeting guys.. GROW UP

I’m surprised those thighs haven’t been introduced to photoshop.- nik

Greasy Gutter Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Desyrae aka Rae Marie. You can find this grimy broad at the club flailing around trying to jump on any guy for free drinks, snow or weed. That’s how my bro picked her up actually! She looks alright in her pics, but when you see her in person she’s a fat troll. No I’m not jealous, this broke ghetto hoodrat deserves to be put on blast! She came to a party and we were going to throw her out but we decided to let her crash on the couch and woke up to her digging around in our cupboards and sh*t stuffed in her purse. F’in rubby loser! To top it off my bro said after he screwed this whale she made his bedroom stink for a couple days.

That bend isn’t naural, she got help from her mouse.- nik

Watch Out For Josiah


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Josiah Dublanica he is a low life goof who has nothing else better to do then pray on young kids. This guy also gets off with tormenting other men and women who are intellectually disabled he threatens them saying he is going to shoot them with his guns. You little goof were you born stupid or did you learn it? This guy also gets off on having sex with hookers and blowing his full load in them with no condom what kind of sick person has sex with a hooker with no condom grow up this guy guy couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper back he is only 5’5 and from what I know had to have someone “protect him”because he couldn’t protect himself yet he puts on the role that he is all that and more what a loser. His little bum buddy is Kyle Dietrik and he is also a low life goof he’s in prison for assualting a husband and get this wife in a home invasion wow Josiah and Kyle like to hit women remember boys someone will eventually come looking for you for hurting women. This guy thinks he is so tough because he was on a wrestling team but I know that he lost most of his matches. Wow your mom must have been really desperate and must have been a whore to produce someone as ugly as you. Grow up Josiah and have a reality check.

Greasiest guy you’ll ever meet


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the greasiest, grossest, most ignorant guy you’ll ever meet!! His name is Steven Drotar. He has 2 domestic abuse charges against him from TWO different women.. He has cheated on every girlfriend he has had with multiple women, including his cousin!! He talks about killing his ex’s. He steals anything he can get his hands on. Do not date this guy unless your wanting a bunch of drama in your life or to be cheated on every minute your not with him.

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