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Harley Lowlife Soare


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, normally i don’t give a shi* about lowlife f boys who have F’ ALL going for them, but this one is ALWAYS brought up & it’s always something bad/ dirty too say. Meet “Harley Soare” or should i say Harley Sore. Because this boy is dirty & gross on ALL levals , he invites girls over & their friends , (he even ried to LACE me n my friend once) , but he sends the friends home & TRiES to get you to stay too f’ him. & when you disagree he gets mad & starts blacking out, acting like a psycho . ive heard this from LOTS of girls & PERSONALLY been through this . He looks for easy chicks go bang , than goes on to the next one . He is nothing but a disrespectful dirty f’. Not to mention he steals from you . Good luck in life Harely because you clearly don’t have one

Flossin with a BB gun.- nik

No Respect Loser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy has no respect for women! He has one kid and another one on the way yet he tells girls that his baby’s mother is psycho but yet they still dating. He will straight up tell you a lie to your face and feel no guilt about it! He deserves to be on here! He’s been with almost every girl I know. He cheats on his gf and will go on another date with another chick and say he’s single?! He’s so messed up in the head! I heard he’s been to jail for 2 years bc of a sexual assault charge on a young girl!! He needs to get smashed around for sure but he keeps a very low profile His name is Jeovanny known as “geo” He’s a sick guy keep your kids away from him!!! And if you been with him go get tested bc my friend told me she got an drd from him so f’ing nasty!!!

Hoodrat Jesse Mann

jesse 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is jesse mann. he is a complete player. he dated me and 3 other chicks at the same time and also lied about it. he sleeps with 2 different hookers everyday. they sleep with him for pepsi or weed. he claims he doesnt do drugs or deal them but he does both of those. he cheats on every girl he dates with atleast 2 other girls. he has had ever drd in the books. he will steal all of ur money. he stole 40 bucks out of my car when i dated him. he didnt realize i had a camera in the car videoing what he was doing. he claims he works at grainfields on 8th street but yet nobody there knows who he is. so saskatoon stay far away from him unless u want one of his multiple stds. u have been well warned.

Shae The Easy Lay


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, lemme tell ya about SHAE” the easy lay” WHARINGTON..this hoe bag is going around Saskatoon spreading her love sores to dudes that are thinkin they’re just in for an easy lay..only to find out(like me) after its too late that her smelly vag is infested with drd! Discusting! She likes to get dudes hella faded before making her move(with the light off) and taking advantage of them cause there’s no way this fat cow can get it in otherwise!! She’s trouble fellas ! Stay away from her!!

Another POF Liar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this chick on POF, I know, my bad. She seemed really nice at first, But this chick is an emotional freak!! Totally crazy!! Will beg to have sex, any kind of sex, almost anywhere!! And then look out!! Out comes her psycho roller coaster personality, After a few hooks up I couldn’t take it, told her we are over, well let me tell you, that was wrong lol I had to change my number and block her on Facebook!!! A quote from her POF profile : P.S. Although I am a passionate woman, I am not one to do hook ups. Please don’t contact me if that is your purpose here…..no judging, I promise, that’s just not for me!! ha such bullshit!!

Spent Backpage Bimbo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is gross sleeping with johns for m**h or money. Had a kid from her mark and now the baby is dope addicted and in the hospital meanwhile shes still posting adds on back page for m**h money# how pethetic# she calls herself a dime peice. lol maybe thats what her rates are now way days.

Straighten your wig next time you take a selfie.- nik

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