Another POF Liar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this chick on POF, I know, my bad. She seemed really nice at first, But this chick is an emotional freak!! Totally crazy!! Will beg to have sex, any kind of sex, almost anywhere!! And then look out!! Out comes her psycho roller coaster personality, After a few hooks up I couldn’t take it, told her we are over, well let me tell you, that was wrong lol I had to change my number and block her on Facebook!!! A quote from her POF profile : P.S. Although I am a passionate woman, I am not one to do hook ups. Please don’t contact me if that is your purpose here… judging, I promise, that’s just not for me!! ha such bullshit!!

Spent Backpage Bimbo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is gross sleeping with johns for m**h or money. Had a kid from her mark and now the baby is dope addicted and in the hospital meanwhile shes still posting adds on back page for m**h money# how pethetic# she calls herself a dime peice. lol maybe thats what her rates are now way days.

Straighten your wig next time you take a selfie.- nik

Fawning Around


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is fawn & fawn is like a big whore. She will secerltly steal your boyfriend and give them dRD. Once she was at my house telling me her dirty secrets about who she slept with in the past week and I counted 32 boys. That’s like a lot a dick in a week, but here she will go off and talk a lot a shit about escorts and what not like ew fawn your poon stinks so bad have u herd of vagisal? .. But here she sleeps with guys for free. Escorting and sleeping around being a whore is the same thing fawn!!! Only pretty girls get paid hunny so don’t flatter your self u Chinese beeetch .. And oh she doesn’t look like her pictures, in person she looks like a skinny anorexic who’re with a big huge head. Smh this girl needs to be taken to the docs to get treated with what ever she may have

Looks like that blessing missed its mark.- nik

Gregor Black Heart


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gregor so called black / bird / hennans or what ever , nothing but a big fat cock who sticks it anywhere , he will play with your head for a period of time . Then leave you. He doesn’t care to visit or spend time with his daughter when he has days off. He’d rather drink and f bi**hes ! The girl he’s with is a slut , doesn’t take care of her four kids, .. Just cause your a welder doesn’t mean you have to abandon your kids #SMFH! #NFG! Gregor may have a Huge cock but it’s been in anything that walks. This guy is disgusting. Mentally f’ed up. Has no feelings, will play you. Don’t feel so special Kayleen Brass lmao. Your like the 50th bitch! But your the last used up trying to hard hahahha … Blasted punkbitch!

Nob.- nik

Pretending She’s a Catch


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, say’s she works at sgi but is out til 4 am nightly, hooking or drugs. Not to sure yet, I do know this dirty scab gave a drd, then tried to move into my apartment. Tell’s me she works for sgi again not sure if i believe this ho, you know this tw*t. Let me know her story, cause my apartment is starting to smell like dirty fish.

Gravity…- nik

Moose Jaw Deadbeat Jeremie Morin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sick bag of deadbeat tricks is named Jeremie Morin. He spends his time skanking around Moose Jaw pretending to be a firefighter, cop, soldier, or pro pool player in order to get in the pants of anything that doesn’t run away fast enough. He writes really cheezy poetry to try to impress girls and compensate for his tiny hamster dick. He has the worlds worst case of drd and does not care who gets it from him including guys. He is a sneaky weasel coward who has an 8 yr old child and at least 3 others he denies exist. The Ontario and Saskatchewan Support Enforcement Agencies are actively searching for him as he only works under the table and steals from anyone for money. Please warn anything with a warm hole to stay the hell away from this 1st class loser and don’t leave your kids unsupervised with him!

He’s wearing that inside because its a rental.- nik

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