Fire House Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty slur has been married only 6 months and been ducking around with Jason Pugh a medic in Troy,IL. Her husband is a veteran and disabled. She make look good cloths on but her ass is dimply and she has a ass for lol.. She snores like a pig. Beats Her son with a belt and snacks him in the face.. This slur needs be on blast.. She was prevent at 16 and cheated on that baby daddy.. She’s easy to get with also..

Lara that Nasty girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat nasty Ronald McDonald bitch, won’t get off my nuts!! And let me tell you- she has more rolls than the Michelin man! and that pussy smells like rotten eggs.. No Joke!! Men beware of this one! She was trying to move her and her kids into my crib within a month. Nothing to show for life, almost thirty. Has nothing…. She’s disgusting. And what’s killed me the most- how horribly she talked about her sons dad!!! But yet wouldn’t let him see his kid! Beware fellas beware! I should have taken Everyone’s advice on here!

St Louis Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Melissa Dawn Steingrubey she is a two faced white trash whore!! If your willing to take care of her and her children she will be your whore she doesn’t care who you are short tall big small single taken but her first pick married men…!! Ladies watch out for this slut she has no morals… She punches her kids calls them little bitches tells them she hates them and she should just put them in foster care!!! She is a liar and thief she stole her own little sisters identity…She is the most disgusting person she is currently homeless and will use anyone she can for a place to live and destroy your home in the process, but when she had her own home their was animal feces all over the whole house smelled of piss and poop their was old food every where her once white couch was black literally you were scared a creature would pick you up and walk off with you if you even walked in!!!! She is truly Stl’s dirtiest!!!

Wudda No Blood

Wudda No Blood

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris hunn aka wudda blood be out here spreading drds like it aint nothing. You need an drd call chris. He will burn you 3 times in one time. He acts like he’s something, but he false flags, claims he’s a blood but doesn’t have a set & is from Saint Charles. He went to prison for a lick he didn’t get anything out of but lies & says it was over a gun. Stop flexing you don’t even know how to load a gun. You still sleep on your moms sofa. Your dick burns & leaks. Someone pay for his drd meds so he can stop spreadn his nastyness.

Velveeta Approved


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Chrissy Ryan (Ron)!  She claims to be a model but in reality is tipping scales everywhere at a huge 350lbs.  She trolls for men, she talks crap about beautiful woman.

That’s one way to eliminate cheddar from my diet. I will never look at cheese the same way again. Thanks Ron.- nik

Ryan McNeeley Should Be A Hero


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I hate this country.  Everyone called my friend Ryan a freak because he likes to dress like a woman… So Bruce Jenner decides to do the same and all the sudden he is an American Hero because he is different?  Doesn’t make sense.

Ryan why do you get off on submitting yourself? Seriously, I’m curious.- nik





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