Don Castro aka Jesse Olllivierre Surrey F-Boy

don castro

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everybody laugh as I introduce this as some or most already know, piece of sh*t Don Castro (a boss name I’m already laughing) aka Jesse Ollivierre. He’s a fake and needs to be exposed. Nothing he says is the truth and you’d see that quick once you see how he lives verses how he wished he did. He talks like he has so much going for him, when really he rents out a home, doesn’t own a car either, is fat and lazy as f**k and ugly as they come. His b**ch that lives with him is some 250lb nasty rolled up pudgy chick who aint about sh*t either, doesn’t hustle and the one time she tried to she ended up flopping on her fat face. They’re both laughing jokes and made for eachother. No gangster in the way you live f’ boy. Girls please don’t believe a word this waste says to you. It’s all lies. This man has no real values or principles or respect. Just look at him today…the pic posted is his best one…if you were to see him today you’d laugh….hes not even that good looking in this pic let alone how he looks today. Also, he smashed out a guys eye a few years ago and is facing 6 years in prison for it. He absolutely did it but is of course denying it. Good thing karma is so wonderful. You’ll love jail when you’re found guilty and put away like all waste is. Girls please laugh at this waste. A true warning. He. Is. A. Lying. Piece. Of. Scum. Waste.

Meet rebecca lachance


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Rebecca LaChance this girl is such a nasty Sloot, she’s a terrible mother she locks her 1 year old daughter in a room in a playpen so she doesn’t have to take care of her the baby has such a bad diaper rash that she couldn’t even sit and she didn’t care. This chick is a liar, cheater, and a low life. She has no job and mooches off her “bfs” so they can buy stuff for her kid and her. All she does is smoke pot, drink herself stupid and f anyguy willing to sleep with her, I’m surprised this b**ch hasn’t been put on here before she smells like rotten cheese and looks like a horse, she dated a friend of mine and told him she loved him then sent him a video of her f’ing another man from what I’ve heard she is looser than a hooker nik this bi**h needs to be on blast.

Kayla Baldwin City Hopper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kyla bladwin, she is a local Vancouver escort who works for herself, and sometimes goes up to vancouver island quite a bit to work as well. She has friends she stays with out on island who work as escorts to. Her and her friends think they are hot sh*t running around the streets partying and using their tricks to hustle money from guys and have sex with them but we all know girl no need to front.her family and parents dont even know what she is really doing bouncing around province to province, city to city. You can find her on plantey of fish mzzbooty is her user name . it’s so sad that her poor child has mother her kind and that’s has drd that can be passed to any one .

Why a

Scumbag Theif Posing as a Friend


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sorry excuse for a human and waste of space is Ron Sh@:t . He was able to steal my friends’ bank card from their home and proceeded to take almost $500.00 bucks from the bank account. They haven’t been able to figure out how he got the PIN. Long story SHORT is he stole money that was supposed to go to feeding their kid and paying their rent. He is a theif of the worst kind. Never mind that he rips off any and every store that he can. Please put this f’ on blast and anyone who sees this post STEAR CLEAR OF THIS SCUMBAG!!!

PJ’s and a man purse…interesting outfit.- nik


Simone Walker ‘Round Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, im surprised this twerking hooker isn’t on here yet this hoes name is SImone Walker and she is straight dirt. Shes the biggest phoney in surrey she thinks shes a bad b**ch with a bad b**ch crew when really they arent nothing but a buncha poor druggies hanging around central who live in the poor part of langley. Simone has so many dirty ways of making money it sickens me how she can jump people, steal from people, use people and sell herself for her reckless lifestyle and her drug addictions.She is a twofaced motherf**ker who has no respect for herself or others. She will one day be your friend and the next day become your worse enemy. She thinks shes the baddest b((ch yet she cant even do sh(( but talk, she has the biggest mouth yet she doesnt end up doing sh*t,stop thinking you’re from the hood because you’re no where near gangster you make me laugh ,grow up and do something with your life before you spend the rest of your life in jail for your prostitution, and find guys who are actually single. This twerking video is straight evidence she is a slut i mean what kind of girl who respects herself will post a twerking video like gross.

NaFISHa Patel Stank


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what can I say about this tramp. She acts all innocent but she’s a straight up kunt. She controls her man, like he’s a dog. He can’t say sh*t, even when it comes to his kids. She controls his kids and brainwashes them, I’ve been there when she’s done it. Nafisha those kids are white, so stop trying to make them Fijian. It’s pathetic how you control Kerry in front of us at gatherings. And the fact I know your secret, sleeping around….I can’t be there to help you hide it anymore. You treat your man like a dog, is that why most of your pics are you kissing your dog??? You’re nasty and need to Get a clue, and stop doing your hair like Rick James. Your pussy stinks like fish, maybe that’s why you have fish in your name.

Disturbingly close with her dog.- nik

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