Surrey Jacks Aren’t Players


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the shadiest of the shady Kabir Gill, I’m surprised he’s not on here yet! He is literally the definition of a phony ass f’ing player. This dumb f is single but ladies beware. He cheated on his gf multiple times with hoes in Surrey/Delta, and poor girl didnt have a clue. This pathological liar is known for talking and hooking up with multiple girls and is an obsessive creep that makes up stories that he does sh*t with girls to make himself look good. He also claims to be only talking to you and you’re the only one he’s interested in.. Don’t believe that! Funniest thing ever this tucan nose parrot thinks he’s so smooth with his words but he really can’t speak proper English. BAHAHAHA get over yourself. He flaunts around his truck thinking girls will be impressed by it, but let’s be real here we all know your daddy and mommy paid for it, self made my ass!! You’ll find this loser at 560 or caprice every weekend, and will buy you drinks trying to get you drunk and then try and convince you to come back with him. If you refuse, he’ll pull you away and try and get you alone away from your friends. Within a week I knew exactly what type of guy he is, this slimy f will start asking for nudes and ask you to chill when he’s home alone. Girls beware and please expose this slimy try hard surrey jack Nik.

He’s covering the cap since he couldn’t afford to open the bottle.- nik

Gary Mangat VS Ronda Rousey


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, very Serious Question who would win in a fight Surreys self-proclaimed hero Gary Mangat or Ronda Rousey? Id pay to see this because they both weigh roughly about the same, are both 5’7, with St.Lion having a slight reach advantage over Rowdy Ronda Rousey. In my personal opinion I think Ronda would rip his arm off and feed it to him? What you think Nik?

I’d go with the chick, dude looks like a punching bag.- nik

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Veronica’s At it Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is no stranger to being on the Dirty…. 3rd times a charm!! So Veronica Valade is now pregnant with her 3rd child by the 3rd baby daddy, back on welfare yet again cause she was fired for breaking confidentiality at her child youth care job. way to keep the teens safe!! close your legs and quit popping out babies you cant afford to raise with out welfares help….. get a grip

Selfish photoshopper.- nik

Attention Seeker Robyn Gill


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here won a recent women’s bodybuilding show and now thinks she’s the 💩💩💩. All she does is sells her story, herself, and gay ass brand. She clearly on hormones and or roids. She cakes her face up at the gym 😂😂😂. She even brought her trophy to the gym like its show and tell in kindergarten. Who does that. Her loud ass laugh can be heard through noise cancelling headphones. She acts all humble but clearly she is just selling her 💩. Everyone’s been through something tough in the life and she acts like she’s the only one who has.

Why is Robyn Gill pinching her Greg?- nik

Take Responsibility for your kids

Luke walker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is Luke Walker. He cheated on his girlfriend multiple times, got the other girl pregnant and won’t take any responsibility for his actions. He hasn’t met his first child yet and his girlfriend is now pregnant as well! He threatened to send H.A. after the girl because she wouldn’t abort the child. He refuses to pay child support for his first child, who is almost a year and a half! But he is excited for the next one, which he won’t be able to afford either since he does’t have a LEGAL job!! All he does is either sit at home and get stoned or go out to either sell M or weed, or add onto his criminal record in one form or another! He is a deadbeat that needs to grow the f up and take responsibility for his actions!

He’s Already Taken Ladies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this low down spineless knob gobbling burping pig from the 7th circle of hell is not single!! A number of you ladies out there might be saying right now HEY THAT’S MY B.F!!!!! ya you and roughly 27 other clueless girls…. dont be fooled by this piece of s**t ladies he’s nothing more then the skid marks on your grandpa’s fkn underwear!! This snake leads countless girls on taking them to resorts that’s probably bought with his moms credit card points … telling them he loves them …wines them and dines them but always seems to forget his wallet..the list is endless… the only gift this guy is giving with all his heart is drd cause its the gift that keeps on giving right!! Oh but he doesnt stop there he will drag your poor innocent children into his web of lies and not even think twice!!! Pfffft …you may reconize this goof TYLER MITHRUSH FROM LANGLEY B.C playing at roosters in Coq with his country band rocking chair!!  well I’m letting this cat out of the bag …and just for the record I AM NOT a former girlfriend or some girl bent out of shape…I’m simply a person on the outside looking in …

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