Avoid at all Costs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is T-Jay Dhadda, he is a stalker, he will ask to use your phone to make a phone call, but instead call his own number. Once he has it, he is relentless. He will call, text daily, write Facebook posts about you, even follow you to work. So far he has been all talk and afraid of confrontation from a man. But I have concerns for the ladies out there. His facebook is open so you can actually see how creepy this dude is.

Sweet chain.- nik

Surrey thief and vandalizer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s about time this chump gets posted on the dirtyy. This guys name is gurkirt Sran but most people call him rat because he goes to parties and robs girls of their money and clothes. I heard that at a point he wanted to hook up with a girl but she had a boyfriend so instead of leaving he chased her around with a replica gun. This is only of the things the does on a daily basis, he usually always goes out on weekends and breaks people’s car. A few weeks back he had broke Raman Kocharr’s bmw window just because he cut him off at a intersection

Looks like he’s banking on inheritance $.- nik

Gurpreet Batra Surreys Finess sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gurpreet Batra. this ugly sloot just can’t seem to keep her legs closed! She thinks she’s a fitness guru, posting pics on ig her ass isnt even big its flat as hell, and everyone who sees her in person knows her body is not even nice but she posts about it on instagram like shes jen selter. Someone needs to tell her no one gives a f** if you work out, your ‘results’ should speak for themselves but shit your body is still basic as hell. she jumps from guy to guy, surprised she doesnt have drds yet.. too bad no one actually wants her b**ch is too easy to use. she prob the easiest brown girl in surrey and she aint even pretty. she looks trans and manly for real her tights are see-through in her ig pic so ratchet gross. who even posts shit like that .. how desperate do you have to be?

The struggle is real, for her pillows.- nik

Girlfriend beating pepsi head Tanroj Singh


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tanroj Singh on the left. This guy is the biggest chump of all time and constantly beats his girlfriend. He thinks hes so tough and gets drunk and gets his ass kicked at bars all the time. To make himself feel more of a man he just beats girls. He constantly brags about how is isn’t scared to smack a girl. This so called man is nothing but a joke and a disgrace to the gender. He even has the nerve to slip pills in girls drinks because he has not respect for woman at all. This guy is so shameless and rumor has it that he even lost his virginity by raping some girl who was passed out drunk. This guy is a monster and every girl needs to know how cruel he truly is.

Why’s Kim Jong’s shadow on the wall.- nik

Dennis Watson gangsters out


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my name is dennis watson. I run a blog called gangsters out. Well it’s not really a blog it only includes my opinion. I started the blog because my wife banged a Hells angel and he lied to me about it. As you can tell by my picture I’ve seen better days. My gut is full of mountain dew. I’ve tried so hard to get a girlfriend but no one can put up with my obsession over bikers. No one can ever agree with my opinions I can’t get along with anyone. So plead to any woman out there to give me a chance. I’ve always wanted to be a hero. All I want is a little bit of attention can someone please help out a sad lonely man? I’m begging you. Don’t leave me for a gangster. I need someone to help me stay awake all night to think of my conspiracies with me. Please my daughter needs a mother. I don’t have a lot of money I’m being sued at the moment for lying and posting personal hatred. My life would be a lot better if I quit complaining all the time. I’m just a frustrated Man and I need to vent because I have no friends. I’m a fat loser with no life clearly. I haven’t been laid for about 30 years

Big ol whistle blower.- nik

Slimy Slurry Phony


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the famous Manvir Purewal. He is literally the definition of a phony ass fucking player. This dumb fuck is newly single but ladies beware. He cheated on his gf multiple times and poor girl didnt have a clue. This fat fuck is known for talking to multiple girls and is an obsessive retard that makes up stories that he does shit with girls to make himself look good. Funniest thing ever this tucan nose parrot thinks he looks like drake BAHAHAHA. Nigga u started from the bottom with that ugly ass hairline nd i’m sorry but u still there, getting a haircut every week wont help.Within a week this slimy fuck will start asking for nudes and will send u snaps making duck faces, nigga looks like hes constipated. Girls beware and please expose this slimy surrey jack Nik.

Why’s he cuddling with a guy?- nik

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