Allaina Vader Is Thriving Off Of The Hate


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen “Allaina Vader” blow up the Dirty OZ lately and decided to follow her after the entertaining controversy read through an outstanding response of comments on her previous post. I found this post of her and her side kick Laura captioned “my main one nights in” at 2am with her pupils looking rather energetic along with a more then obvious “love bite” on Laura’s neck which Laura is happy to point out for social media to notice…. So my guess is the dirty armys assumptions are correct allaina is a drug addict and Laura is a whore both with no care for being mothers my guess is they’re at another apartment making money exchanging sex for spare change and drugs! Are the children asleep in another room Nik? so I guess it’s time to give the audience what they want! Crown these messes DC’s any ideas for names? I was thinking bummum1 and bummum2 Also could someone share allaina and Laura’s last names.

I’m guessing that is a flat iron burn on her neck.- nik

The Truth About These Gold Coast Rags


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so clearly your previous posts on these low, used up hookers has done nothing to deter their embarrassing actions and public displays of slut like behavior. I wonder what it would take to encourage these tryhards to try and recover some self respect and at least try to grasp some form of class. Transvestite Raymond continued her usual embarrassing posts over the weekend – posting naked pictures of herself, and getting diseased looking Allaina Vader to do the same while informing her middle aged, desperate Instagram following how ‘horny’ her good friend Laura was- so that’s all it takes, a like and a positive comment & you are in gentlemen. Obviously on the lookout for baby daddy #3, which worked as Laura herself posted later on in the night begging her friends to come and collect her from some random house she didn’t want to be at…

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Gold Coast’s Laura Is A Disaster


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, WOW where do you even start with this alien?  So for someone pretty young she looks early 50’s… has had so much work done the only correct term to describe her is ‘freak’.  So much plastic surgery its scary doesn’t even look human. Worst form of Gold Digger out there… she pretends to love a guy as he pays for everything and for her to just become more freak like everyday… gone too far is an understatement.

That does not look like a luxury gene pool.- nik

The Unnatural Roid Monkey Bruno Jukic


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this arrogant, HYPOCRITE, attention whore prima donna right here is Sydney’s own Canadian douche bag import Bruno the “UnNatural” Jukic, clearly we can see that lol. He makes fun of roiders on social media and he claims he’s never taken any PED’S himself. Yet he told me in private he has taken steroids and other performance enhancers. I’m one of his clients that dated him, he claimed he was going to leave his wife for me but lied cause he enjoys playing multiple woman on the side. He claims he’s sick of his wife’s nagging, but is using other women at the same time trying to satisfy his hidden sexual desires that his wife can’t provide. Even when we banged I was unimpressed with his tool (erectile dysfunction). Yet this wanker spends all day starring at himself in the mirror taking selfies and videos of himself, while his poor whore of a wife is looking after his kids. He sounds like an uneducated moron when he talks he uses aggression like a caveman to handle his problems like every other Croatian roid monkey. During the time we dated all that he would ever do is post irrelevant trash on his social media page. Posting an enormous amount of pics of himself. If you disagree with him he’ll trash you because your opinion doesn’t matter if it doesn’t agree with him. What a dumb ass air headed male bimbo he is. He trains people in a small 8×12 garage with clutter and rubbish all around him, claiming he has trained people for a decade yet has nothing to show for it. I guess he should spend less time jumping up and down on playground fences like an escaped orangutan and focus on where he’s going wrong with his life. Like getting a real job, education and stop behaving like an immature emotional 14 year old. He thinks because he has abs that makes him better than everyone else when he has crap for brains and no money. But he’s too delusional to even know there’s something wrong. Look mate, you are nothing special just a typical steroid monkey.

I can’t believe you let this man penetrate you.- nik

Chanel Spencer Will Try And Steal Your Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Chanel Spencer is the biggest sloot, husband stealer, junkie of the year.  She steals boyfriends and husbands that have money to support her and her fat child that she doesn’t even know who the father is.  Also, using drugs and spreading her legs for anyone and anything! Sydney and Brisbane have been threw this and know she brainwashed a guy to marry her! Feel sorry for him when he finds out she’s only into women! Wake up child!!!

I’m not understanding the backdrop — chicks wear bikinis in the woods?- nik

Madison Gordon Is A Hideous Role Model


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Madison Gordon need to stop sucking people in with her fraud diet plan scam.  She has anorexia, that isn’t something to be proud of!! You look disformed not a good look for young girls these days! You wonder why you get so much hate it’s because you make yourself look like a bimbo on social media have some rawness about you and put your bones away please!!!

Dear Australia — her name is Gordon Gekko! Please embrace her Dirty Celeb status.- nik

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