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Heather McCartney Slept With My Sister’s Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Heather McCartney. She is a total h*e. She is originally from Scotland but lives on the Gold Coast now.  She slept with my sisters husband. She won’t submit this but I will.  Stop stealing married men and whoring yourself out to old guys for money.

Sydney’s Maddie Is Just Like Your Typical Hollywood Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, just posting another hooker from DirtyOz who is obviously proud of the fact that she f*cks for money! This Sydney girl’s Instagram speaks for itself. The vacation you just took (yes you brought along that fat ugly Asian but clearly your GoPro is generous) with only you in all the trademark photo ops, all the expensive bags and we can’t forget the new Range Rover you just ‘bought’. The dress hire company in your bio isn’t fooling anyone! Now get your horse-like veneers down sized, a better boob job and stop lying!

What is Maddie’s full legal name? Stop playing games, help me help you.- nik

The Candyman Is A Huge Creeper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Travers Beynon aka “The Candyman” is such a creep. I found this picture of his wife, Taesha on HIS Instagram from 2009 and she looks like she’s 16! Apparently he got her pregnant when she was pretty young and judging from this picture I don’t doubt it.. It doesn’t say online how old she is but he would of been in his 40s in 2009 and hanging out with girls as young as she clearly is here! Her family, his ex and his old cleaner have all spoken out about what a narcissistic manipulator he is and how him and his wife are just raising their young kids in the mansion surrounded by drugs and sluts. He’s always posting pictures of his 16 year old daughter (from a previous marriage) in bikinis on Instagram and encouraging people to comment on her appearance next to posts of groups of half naked hookers and promo girls. He is almost 50 years old and pays 20 year olds in alcohol and designer bags to hang out with him and be in photos with him while he wears a tacky Versace outfit and stands in some godlike pose to post on Instagram with a weird caption. He’s faker than Fake Equis and defiantly DC material IMO.

Should we name him Cavities? I’m open to suggestions.- nik

Gold Coast’s Goldie Volpe


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this Gold Coast girl used to go by the name “Goldie Volpe” with slutty stripper like pics and now posts boring sh*t on her Insta.  It makes me sad because she used to be such a bad bitch. Although she’s pretty bad still. What do you think Nik? She used to be friends with Clown Under.  And that cuff that bitch Linda chick claims its her ex! Hahaha I doubt that one.

Is she Jewish? That nose is definitely Lower Eastside.- nik

Emily Needs A Better Surgeon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know how much you love big breasted women so much so I thought I’d add another to your collection…. Meet Emily Den Hollander, she’s a baby faced 24 yr old English girl living with her husband on the GC (Gold Coast, Australia for those playing at home) her life’s ambition is to have the worlds largest, grossest breast and she’s got a pretty good start. At 1400cc these poorly executed monsters are already stretched, lopsided and uneven. Day after day she posts cleavage photos for her 197k “fans”, she doesn’t seem to use social media for profit by advertising, it seems she just likes the attention you get from thousands of creepy strangers. The scariest part in my mind, isn’t the horrible boobs, it’s the fact that she looks like a 12 yr old who hasn’t wuite developed her makeup or style skills yet!!

1400cc is the same size as The Shining and she only has 57k followers. DirtyOz makes no sense… they worship the ugly.- nik

Roseanne Arkle Is Now Escorting


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Roseanne Arkle. She thinks she is some big star because she is on a reality show here in Australia called Gold Coast. It’s pretty much our version of Jersey Shore. Well I guess she’s not being paid enough because now she has started escorting. You have to know the right people but she can be had for 4 thousand Australian Dollars an hour. That is around $2,500 American. Before she got her breast, lip and butt injections no one cared who she was. Now she claims she has had talks with Hollywood Studios for movie and tv roles.

Roseanna Arkle wouldn’t make it in Hollywood… I recommend that she takes her talents to South Beach (with a back-up plan of Las Vegas).- nik

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