Straight Sackville Shim

August 26, 2013 Dirty Horses, Halifax 419

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHO; Amanda Marie Currie WHAT; Not only did this dirty barn horse get her drd infested (barley there) ass knocked up by some halfrican nominee (Anthony Leger) bitch (so she preys), who by the way had a girl when the uck trophy was conceived, but word on the streets (where her name belongs) is she got a total of 6 girls mens as a possible lotto baby, fck trophy co-owner, if you will, since that thing is gonna come out lookin jacked as hell, hardly fit to be called a child. and please, allow me to clarify, those 6 mens, do not count the guys shes screwin while shes prego! this slug is straight BEAT! ladies, watch your men, Men use a rubber (if your blind/drunk enough to even do this dirty sloon) she nothin but a Skankaholic (sacktowns biggest) with a stankin, used up Crabby Patty, a mean Jack Bauer, Jay Leno combo, its a sin really. But someone gotta put this beast on blast. sittin around gettin high while shes prego, livin off welfare, screwin anything that’ll give her the time of day, bitch be nasty! she lies, cheats, steals, she’ll sleep with anyones man, and she’ll do anything for a gram. aint much else to say. everyone in sackville already knows about saber tooth, im sure the comments will fill in the blanks! WHEN; Always! WHERE; Anywhere! WHY; wit a face like that, she needs all the lovin she can get right? lol btw Nik; SGM worthy?!

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