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Audio Guy in Hollywood is a Stalker

October 9, 2014 Burbank, Hollywood, Los Angeles 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man Teddy Phillips “Ted” is a complete FUK! He is stalking women on set of projects. He is a weird audio guru and he won’t leave the female talent alone. Which is strange because he has a gay lover but acts interested in women to. He is a nut! Stay as far away from this freak as possible. Plus he is a know it all, credits on imdb are fake!

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Tarty Teacher Strikes Again

September 5, 2013 Little Rock 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- I wish I had know about your site before I hooked up with this sloot! I was at a club with her and could not figure out why people were pointing at her and laughing. Just before I was going to ask wtf was going on, someone said to look at the I did and I asked her about the posts and she laughed and said it was making her famous. I will be checking your site from now on.

Her popularity with the students will skyrocket this year.- nik

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The Tarty Teacher

August 6, 2013 Little Rock 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Amber Crenshaw another contender for top sausage wallet of Benton, Arkansas. Amber is a art teacher in an elementary school and is always on the prowl at clubs with a friend or two looking for a pocket rocket to ride on. Amber keeps nude photos on her Iphone to send to her next target and once she has worn out his man muscle she moves on to the next one. Amber blew and banged a married singer of a popular cover band and tragikly (sorry Tragikly White) was banned from seeing the band anymore. Amber never locks her doors so that she can have anyone slide right in for a late nite or early morning session. Amber is into kinky kooky sex and loves to be spanked, strapped down and entered through the back door. Guys be sure to wear a rain coat cause she will give you a gift you can’t return.

Easy ‘A’.- nik

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