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Druggie Escort

December 9, 2014 San Antonio 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so this cheap lil “escort” or whatever you want to call it is the nastiest bitch in SA,she goes from motel to motel taking dicks to the dome.lmao she looks and is the biggest meth head I know..She also likes to think she’s a good fuk but the pssy is very dry and very loose.i wasted $85 for it should’ve known huh? Ooh and she likes to think she can sell drugs but her shit is weak…find her on Backpage or Craigslist selling her ass for some m*

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Shannah Levassuer

November 12, 2014 Winnipeg 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skank right here is possibly the worst human being i have ever met,she likes to sleep with guys and after not tell them that she has the clap,this dirty girls p*ssy stunk like rotting fish guts with hot stinky ass,she preys of pretty much any dating site like badoo and pof , she is a well known junkie whore who sells her body off of back page,and now works at a local rub and tug ,oh yah i forgot to mention she likes the jib and pepsi,she acts like she god’s gift to men but really shannah your just a good for nothing flappy meat curtain slut,did anyone every tell you your snatch looks like a arby’s roast beef and cheese sandwich?she’s got more cottage cheese then the hutterites ,so Nik put this dirty hooker on blast

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Kimberly Kishayinew

October 2, 2014 Saskatoon 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this walking dead girl is one disgusting dirty bitch,her name is kimberly kishayinew. youll see her on back page selling her pregnant hiv ass. shes on her third kid and her youngest is not even 8 months, she doesnt take care of her oldest. she gave many of men hiv and she knew she had it, she should go to jail. this sick bitch needs to keep her legs closed for her kids sake. her last baby daddy is CRAZY ! he always beaten her in front of their baby. god i hate her if i ever see her it would my lucky day to MURK HER.

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Haley Bergstrom-Borins

September 22, 2014 Victoria 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Haley. She used to be one of my closest friends. Once highschool ended, we didn’t stay in contact and haven’t spoken in years. I found out she had become heavily addicted to drugs and survived an overdose. Now she sells herself for a living. Goes by the name of Jordyn Kross and advertises on backpage almost daily. It breaks my heart to see someone who had so much potential just throw it to waste. Haley, I hope one day you realize how much better you are then this. I know I can speak for several others that we miss the Haley we once knew. I wish you luck in life and hope that one day you’ll see your true potential.

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Steffanie Folstad

July 28, 2014 Saskatoon 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Saskakatoon, here is The famous Steffanie Folstad know for being on the backpage of Craigslist and one if the easiest and best lay in the city. Cool chick and all but really she even calls herself a skank and a cunt. Had her as a side chick for a while till my gf killed that party. Buck she should be a DC for the Saskatoon page. Tehehehee!

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Nasty Back Pager

June 12, 2014 Atlanta 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Nicole evens, goes by amber or Jessica, or whatever name she is using this week. Stay away from this B***h. I met her on backpage just trying to get into something. She came over and before she could get in the door all the way she blurts out that she does donations.. In my head I know it was wrong but I don’t have any issues helping a young girl. So the evening goes on and we are talking and thats when she tells me she has two kids and a black boyfriend who beats her and pimps her forcing her to raise two kids that aren’t hers plus her two. I felt bad for the girl and offered to help her, and the next second she went phyco talking about he loves her and she enjoys what she does. She is unstable!!!!

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Montana Cote At it Again

April 25, 2014 Calgary 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Montana Cote is at it again. drinking and partying with her new kelowna friends. she would rather drink than make amends with the daughter she gave up 3 years ago! how pathetic smh rumour has it she’s trying to give away her second daughter back to her other baby daddy. she really can’t hack being a mother hey? pawning her kid off every chance she gets. she works two jobs i only know one of the jobs she does, escort ! found her on the back page a couple days ago but deleted it as soon as i confronted her ugly ass about it. real classy montana real classy. at least pretend to be a good person and a good mother you whore

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Michelle Wagner

November 4, 2013 Cleveland 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Michelle Wagner the dirtiest nastiest grimiest hood rat of Parma Oh she is 33 thinks she’s 16!three kids don’t no any of the dad’s fcks anybody for money or to pay her bills she has god knows what std I know she gave me chlamydia she is so nasty and a cunt she empty out my bank account she thinks she is so hood to a girl comes up to her than she calls the coop she works at eat n park and at state rd tavern all u have to do is say was up and ask how much and she will fuck u and suck your dick in the parking lot u can even call her [] she is on back page she uses guys to they have nothing lift dont fall for her games every body in Parma hates her swear You know her life revolves completely around drama she wears tons of make up and slutty clothes. She would be more attractive if she stopped showing out her fat knackles, fat calves, fat thighs, fat biceps, and her fat face with her double chin. She’s as loose as a chick working at a brothel, she has cheated on all her boyfriends with her so called guys friends hit her she will lie to u [] all around just a dead beat nasty hood rat of Parma

Hows that bra taste?- nik

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