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Would you?

April 15, 2009 Baton Rouge, LSU, Southern 15



THE DIRTY ARMY: I have seen you say Louisiana has no pretty women. I disagree. This girl is beautiful, sweet, and cool as shit. Would you?
Answer: No. Not even her +2s distract me from staring at her butt chin.

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No Underwear

April 1, 2009 Baton Rouge 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: What is missing from the far left girl in black.

It’s like she purposely wants everyone to see her Beef Curtains.- nik

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Southern Jags

February 26, 2009 Southern 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, i have seen you post a bunch of cheer squads from other schools and i thought my lovely sisters should be up there as well.

What the hell is that? Was it bring your daughter to work day?- nik

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Would You With This Noodle?

February 24, 2009 Baton Rouge 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Misi, she is a beautiful noodle, and she is as easy as a kindergarden math problem…so would you??? I know I would!

Answer: No, but all of a sudden I’m really craving some sushi.

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Dirty Disco

February 24, 2009 Southern 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, I totally saw tis sk@nk at this lame event called Dirty Disco. She was showing everyone her new +2s, what do you think?

I think that other girl is getting drunk enough to go home with Douchebag Elvis.- nik

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Johnny Blaze

February 23, 2009 Baton Rouge 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: This ass calls himself johnny blaze. for some reason tis monkey thinks he is a pimp, but he is far far from it. he f*cks random ho*kers he finds downtown, and its rumored that he has herpes on his greg. he is a pathetic excuse for a man. he once told me he wants to write a tell all book about all his ho*ker stories and the right way to pick up women. i hate him and so does everyone i know destroy this douche!

I see a cane and sunglasses, is he blind?- nik

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Southern Football

February 23, 2009 Southern 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Tay is on the squad but I think he might be a homo. What do you think?

For the Gays. The lean sealed the deal, not just needles going in the rear.- nik

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Trashley Ashley

January 25, 2009 Baton Rouge, LSU, The Dirty 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, this is Trashley D. She can’t get enough of the cat or of the greg. She has a fake ass weave and her t*ts hang down to her ankles. She brags about her fertile “fly” eggs, but really she is suffering from the clap (keep your fingers crossed, I think a shot can cure it!) Nik, what do you think?

You can only catch it once.  Live a little.- nik

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