The Pig and Prostitute

September 4, 2013 Las Vegas 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Cap is a NJ tattoo artist who moved to Las Vegas where he clearly came for the HOOKERS AND BLOW! A m*th addicts, who chronically loses jobs due to his temper, he is also a cheater in relationships who hides his many loves (porn, stripclubs, hookers, teen girls, etc). He runs from the police and beat up on his ex even threatening to k**l her with a loaded gun. Shay or Cheyenne Hemphill as she is known on Facebook, is a hooker in Las Vegas who theives for a living and is a frequent m*th user as well. Both are 42 years old. Sick!

I wouldn’t trust a place where the artists smoked in shop, doesn’t seem sanitary.- nik

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