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Pre Dental Pepsi Head Dillan Smith

October 8, 2013 Houston 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dillan Michael Smith a pre dental student, certified douche bag & coc**ne dealer. His dad owns a dentist office in pearland called accent dental group, you can catch dillan there taking breaks to sale his drugs and do a couple lines with his costumer while he is at work. He is more worried about getting his lips done at the office than his gapped teeth so he can do the kissey face in all his pictures because he knows his smile doesnt attract anyone. He meets everyone he knows on social networks bc hes such a loser in real life and trust me, he knows this. He is always at the club being a bottle rat saying he’ll buy more bottles but once the bottles are gone so is he. Such a phony. He cried to me that he had c***dia and that he gave it to over 30 people that he had slept with that month. Never met someone so thirsty for money and girls attention in my life. Dude needs to quit the drugs and go to rehab before its to late.

Another ‘Dillan’ who appears to be fixated with the pickle…forgy.- nik

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Dillan the Dbag

September 27, 2013 Houston 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dillan Smith. Meets everyone on social medias fake advertising that he has exotic cars for days as long with rolexs and such that he buys with his “black card” but the dude is a JOKE and nothing he shows on social networks is true. He needs to be put in his place! He gets his lips done to make them bigger for his pictures when he does the duck face too but it just proves what a douche bag he really is, he’ll even admit he is with pride! Heard he likes it in the butt and wouldn’t be surprised with his insecurity. Go back to A&M Dillan, or to the douche bag factory. Nobody wants you here. Oh & he got checked while he was my friend and has**… Watch out ladies! Isnt the gentelmen he gives off to be. ALL FAKE

Naming your kid Dillan will always make him think about the pickle….- nik

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