Close your Mouth, Your Slore is Showing

August 27, 2013 Denver, Dirty Army Strong 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Dominique Martinez. ANOTER Denver ratchet single mom. Dom-hoe-nique is constantly bragging about being a single mother/bad bitch on the weekends. But the funny thing is even her family will tell you what a horrible mom she is. She sends her kids away every chance she gets to go whore it up on the town with her pack of wanna-be bad bitch groupies. Btw tis dirty bitchs’ kids are exactly 10 months apart which means this disgusting slore didn’t even wait the designated 6 weeks after her kid was born to start having sex with anything that would get her drunk or high or even look at her. That’s probably why if you get close enough you’ll see how fishy she smells (gag) just ask ALLL the guys shes been with….. They’ll tell you she has a stinky cooter! She can be seen every weekend at PTs or Dandy’s or any other strip club she can suck her way into. This walking  even has a Shot gun willies tattoo on her “kankle” so she can get in free for life. This ratchet is known to get sloppy drunk and blackout every time than post on fb how embarrassed she is that everyone has to remind her the next day that she tries to f*uck all her “homeboys”. She has threesomes with her slutty, slow looking bff Moe-Hoe! And even lets the guys she chills with gangbang her (true story, theres even videos, GAG) She only takes pictures from the shoulders up because this bitch is a water buffalo with stretch marks and saggy boobs. but she still has no shame trying to break up relationships and screw anything with male appendages. She’s never uttered the word NO or had a single intelligent sentence come out of her mouth, but theres plenty going in that mouth so theres probably not room for much else. This fugly cow’s just plain dumb. Alas, beware ladies: Dominique the wanna-be freak will screw anybody, anywhere, for anything….she breaks up relationships with her “never say NO philosophy” and whore bag assets (how ever saggy they may be) so PLEASE somebody tell this ugly beast slutty and stretch marks are NOT the new black!

She must think crossing her eyes make her look thinner.- nik

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