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Your Thoughts On Mahina Alexander

June 10, 2014 Honolulu, The Dirty 59


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mahina. She reminds me of Mila Kunis but Hawaiian. She’s only 18 and models for bikini companies. Her instagram is full of selfies of smoking weed or at the beach in a new bikini with friends or modeling for RVCA. I must confess I’m jealous of her body because she’s incredibly fit especially her abdomen and butt. She says she goes running and eats everything in sight but I don’t understand how her body is so defined and thin. Sometimes she doesn’t even look healthy… What are your thoughts?

What am I looking at? This person is not attractive to me. If anything quite handsome.- nik

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Surfer Jill Hansen Arrested For Attempted Murder In Hawaii

May 19, 2014 Honolulu, The Dirty 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Honolulu police arrested professional surfer Jill Anjuli Hansen, 30, Wednesday night after she allegedly drove a car into an elderly woman in Waikiki.. Hansen was charged with attempted murder and is being held on $1 million bail.  Jill is definitely a lunatic and was known for being a crazy driver among many other crazy things.  This incident she followed 73 year old lady back to her condo after a bizarre road rage incident. Witnesses said Hansen waited for Conklin to get out of her car and then hit her, and then started driving in reverse to hit her again.  The lady would have been killed but someone working at the condos came to the rescue and managed to scare Jill away.

This is why I only stay in Maui.- nik


Jill Anjuli Hansen Keeps Threatening Suicide On Facebook

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Kristie Manning Flex Fridays

December 6, 2013 Honolulu, The Dirty 138

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s Flex Friday and wanted to share with you what I found on personal trainer Kristie Manning’s IG. She posts soooo many selfies! She’s so self absorbed! Just kidding! It’s Kristie Manning. I just want to see what everyone wants to say about me. I need a good laugh. Come on… hit me with your best shot.

Wow Kristie really submitted herself so you can call her a buff lesbian (good marketing strategy).- nik

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Lindsay Mills is One Hot Piece

June 13, 2013 Honolulu, Would You? 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Lindsay Mills girl has me all choked up. First I find out that her BF is making $200k/yr with Booze allen, now it appears that she incredibly flexible and freaky. Just one question: Would you?

Answer: No, she looks like a jacked man child.

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Melfort Slore

June 4, 2013 Hawaii, Saskatoon 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theres this slut bag in melfort that thinks shes top shit and owns the streets… well she does with her legs behind her head that is… She has 2 kids likes to talk trash but the second shes confronted or sees you she shuts the fuck up an backs down. She doesnt take her kids anywere and is like the first slice of bread in the bag the slice that everyone touches but nobody really wants. She has lock jaw from hell and looks like she fell outta a donkeys asshole. 99% of her so called beauty could be whiped away with a wetnap she honestly looks like she should be in the circus. she looooooves to open her legs to anyone thats willing to buy her a drink and is dateing a 16 year old guy this bitch is 23 years old!!!!! what the fck is wrong with her!!! Oh and on top of that she is living with her e bf who she tells will ever see his kid if h moves ot or sees anyone else and still sleeps with him WHILE SHES DATEING SOMEONE!!! straight hootchie. and needs her kids taken away from her are shes a terribe mother and has them in a horrid living environment!!

How can you not manage to keep your eyes open when you take a picture of yourself?- nik

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Moving Doesn’t Cover Trash

May 20, 2013 Honolulu, Phoenix 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat whore, Ashley (a.k.a. “Trashley”) has been on theDirty.com in the past, but she’s worth another mention. She used to live in Arizona, but once she fcked every guy in the Phoenix metro area (and probably most of Tucson), she moved to Hawaii, where she is slowly spreading her herpes across the main island (you can clearly see the herpes on her face in the photos I have attached). She is an alcoholic and has had multiple DUIs (her red alcoholic flush is also visible in aforementioned pictures). When she lived in AZ, she claimed she was a “personal trainer”, but really she was (and still is) a cocktail waitress. I don’t know about you, Nik, but I wouldn’t trust a personal trainer that is as fat as she is. She is covered in freckles because she tans way too much, which also explains her Oompa-Loompa skin tone and wrinkles on her face. You would think she would use makeup to try and cover her fcked up face/alcoholic flush/up, but maybe she’s smarter than we all realize and already knows that no amount of makeup would make her look even somewhat decent. On top of being “blessed” with looks akin to Ke$ha, a lard ass, and being a whore, she is also batshit crazy. She’s bulimic (clearly that isn’t working out too well for her), has a cocaine problem, and has also stalked not only my boyfriend, but also ME. She lived in the same apartment complex as him and followed him around all the time. He felt sorry for her (before he realized how crazy she is) and hung out with her a few times, in which she repeatedly tried to fck him. He politely shut her down more than a few times, then one night he got drunk and fucked her (using a condom, thank God), and said her p*ssy was so loose he couldn’t even c*m. He blew her off and ignored her until she got the point that he wasn’t interested in her and then she moved to Hawaii. When she came back to visit AZ about a year later, she went into my boyfriend’s workplace (full well knowing he had been in a serious relationship with me for quite some time) and tried to kiss him on the lips. He pushed her away from him and later that night she started blowing up his phone. This I actually witnessed with my own eyes. She kept texting him, inviting herself over to our house and wanting to hang out. She offered to bring – in her words, verbatim – “a cheap bottle of wine”… some classy chick, huh? I had no interest in meeting her and he had no interest in seeing her, but she kept texting him, and he kept ignoring her. In the week that she was in AZ, she visited him at his work over five times, all of which he avoided her purposefully (except for the for occurrence, in which he was caught off guard). Now, for the really crazy shit – while she happened to be in AZ, I had magenta/pink streaks added to my hair, and just happened to be photographed that night. Someone took a picture of my boyfriend and me and tagged me in it. THE VERY NEXT DAY… Trashley posts pictures of her hair, which just so “happened” to be a bad replica of what I had just had done (professionally) to my hair. At that point, my boyfriend sent her a text message telling her she needed to fck off and that he clearly made a huge mistake with her. He told her he was only nice to her because he felt sorry for her, and that he never had any real interest in her. He also called her out on how she “copied” my hair, and told her that it was creepy. She didn’t even deny it! She also has tried adding me on Facebook so many times I lost count. On the same night she colored her hair to look like mine, she added me – no exaggeration – over 30 times on Facebook. As soon as I would hit “Decline” there would be another request from her, and it didn’t stop until I blocked her. Now she’s dating a short, old guy that looks like one of the Thai monks in The Hangover 2. She should stick with him, because she definitely won’t do any better in life.

I’m starting not to mind all this over exposure.  Soon it’ll be all eyes (only eyes w/+2 shadows) all the time, once it hits a cover.- nik

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Poisonous Womanizer

May 8, 2013 Honolulu 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would like to introduce everyone to the biggest piece of shit known to mankind. a person who cheats on every woman he is with, beats on some of them because they catch him in his bullshit, abandons any child he fathers(including the one on the way), uses his petty lies to get what he wants such as money, anything materialistic, sex, sympathy etc. he has no heart and has not a single problem messing with the lives of people who don’t deserve it. he claims to be the victim of everything, slandering his ex wife, ex girlfriends and even wishing death on his unborn child! he spends more time drinking and spending money on his bikes rather then helping support his kids. he fools people into believing he is a good man, a good friend and a good father, rather then showing people his true colors and that he is a worthless piece of shit. he would rather stay in Hawaii then go be with his sick mother and see any of his children or be there for the birth of his soon to be 5th child, he gets married instead to someone just after 2 months of knowing them because hes so desperate for money and cant get a job after being kicked out of the army. he passes that lovely gift that keeps on giving. this my friends, is Joseph Luis Alamo, hes 30, and has yet to grow up and be an adult and take responsibility. he deserves to be blasted, and for people to know who he really is. believe it or not, this is him. a worthless piece of shit. this is only half of the shit this mother fcker has done. if you have any respect for yourself, stay far away from this sick fck.

Does every member of his gang get a photoshoot?- nik

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Guys, Watch Out

April 30, 2013 Honolulu 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING ALL MEN: Laura Marie Hermann goes out with guys, buys them shots, and when they refuse her advances she claims rape on them. Laura Marie thinks she’s a model and role model for others but she has falsified multiple rape charges, dragging multiple families through the mud in this small community. Brothers, fathers, boyfriends, and friends are now forever stigmatized because of this woman. She is a disgrace to ALL women for claiming rape on innocent men. The police are so used to it now that they just dismiss her claims within the week. BEWARE ALL MEN! Laura Marie Hermann is a piece of work and should not be trusted in your home or around your family!

Sounds like another chick who can’t handle her alcohol.- nik

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