Jill Almy

October 1, 2013 Denver 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I just want to let everybody no about this whore jill almy she is the biggest whore I know she works at jimmy johns in the highlands on 32 and lowell she fcks all her employees just so they would stay and work for her thats how I met her she fck everybody friends she even fck a guy brother I know and she was with the other guy and the dude even told her thay his brother was a child molester and she keep on fckin him at the same time her kids wear in the room cause I f*cked her in the room y she made her kids lay on the floor she fckin scandaless I think she even fvks for money she has no hart just love fckin dick in her c(nt I even got cold sore on my lip after I fck her nasty ass guys if u c her or fck her wear a condom and font kiss her chances r she been suckin dick and she lives down north 80th shardien so if u wanna fuck her she hangs out at bars out that way or go get a job at jimmy johns she will fck u forsure and any womenwho thinks thats fuk up she got a child molester thete fckin her y her kids r on the floor sleep and she gets so drunk she cant even watch het kidsfuckin beat het ass shr dont care her kids or nobody just dick and drinkin

I don’t think naturally growing out bleached hair is an option for long hair.- nik

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