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Lindsay Lohan Tells Oprah She’s Only Used Cocaine 10-15 Times

August 18, 2013 Manhattan, The Dirty 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was actually excited to watch trainwreck Lindsay Lohan on OWN tonight for her interview with Oprah, in hopes that she would be real and honest. When asked if she was addicted to cocaine, LiLo replied she had only tried it 10-15 times in her life and that her main drug of choice was alcohol. LMAO. Does she really expect us to believe that she’s only done blow 10-15 times? Lindsay, we’re not stupid and we all know what a coke wh*re you really are.

Yeah, it was frustrating to watch. Oprah lead her questions with answers so it was easy for LiLo to keep lying.- nik

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Great Show Last Night, Poor Lindsay Lohan

May 30, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I loved your interview last night with Lindsay’s dad. You pretty much blamed Michael for Lindsay’s drug problem but he didn’t get it. I totally agree with you too. Lindsay Lohan loves drugs because both her parents loved drugs. It’s not her fault! I saw this picture on OK Magazine’s website and I share the same opinion as them. It’s not Samantha Ronson’s fault as Michael claimed, look at her history before Sam. They give a great breakdown. Anyway thanks! Keep up the good work and please don’t ask Michael Lohan for parenting advice.

Michael Lohan Slams Samantha Ronson – Ok Magazine Article << LINK

I still think LiLo’s first mug shot is the best and her face always looks heavy when she goes pure blonde.- nik

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Michael Lohan On Nik Richie Radio Tonight

May 29, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty 42

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Somehow I convinced Michael Lohan to come on my radio show tonight to talk man 2 man about life and Lindsay. The guy isn’t a fan of mine at the moment so who knows how this will turn out.

**Tune in tonight at 8PM PT on**

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My Statement To Media, Are You With ME

April 26, 2013 The Dirty 38

Via Nik Richie To Lindsay Lohan Dad: I Watched Your Daughter Snort Her Life Away -

“I have no reason to LIE. Lindsay Lohan was an actress at one point in her career. Now she is the poster child of what drugs do to a celebrity. The event happened during her downward drugged out spiral as she celebrated the New Year of 2009. For anyone to think she was sober that night must be smoking crack. They don’t call her Blohan for nothing.”

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You Called It About Lindsay Lohan

April 4, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty 126


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you totally called it once again.  Lindsey Lohan is totally hooked on Adderall and is allowing it to completely f*ck up her rehab process that is coming up.  She doesn’t want to stop taking them because of the withdrawals they will cause her, she will completely go nuts.  Nik, you have been right about her so far, how long before she has a drug overdose and adds herself to the young lives Hollywood and fame have taken?

Well her acting career is dead, so if she wants any Hollywood legacy at all death is the only option.- nik

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Will It Ever Stop With Lindsay Lohan

January 16, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty 83

Premiere Of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" - Arrivals
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hate to bring Lindsay Lohan up, but something needs to be done.  As you heard in the news, she was back in court and actually facing some jail time.  This has been the 20th time she has been in court in the past few years, this is getting a little out of hand.  I think she does it for attention because every time something happens, she gets a ton of press and its all over the net.

Actually the count is 19 court appearances and 5 rehab stints since 2007. The end is near.- nik

**Here is a preview from Lindsay’s new movie “The Canyons”**

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Why Is Her Career Not Over

January 2, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty 183

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why does Lindsay Lohan still get work in Hollywood? I don’t understand the appeal, it’s obvious she can’t act anymore and the girl is a walking liability. Besides her clown car family who I am convinced f*cked her over for life, what does she have to offer anyone else? She has aged horribly due to the drugs and alcohol, not to mention she also has a less than desirable body, it’s quite gross actually. Is there any redemption for her Nik, and if not then what will it take to end this bottom feeder career of hers? I can’t stand hearing about her and the nut jobs in her life.

I don’t think she will get any work in 2013. Media wants her to take her life so they can be done with her.- nik

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Terry Richardson Is A Pedophile And A Pervert

November 25, 2012 Hollywood, Orlando, The Dirty 314

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, first off I have been DA strong for a while so props on what you do. This is the first time I have posted and am not sure if you have had posts on this character yet. His name is Terry Richardson and he is an extremely famous photographer who has worked with essentially anyone of importance in Hollywood or otherwise. He has done shoots with our President Barak Obama, Beyonce, Kanye West, Mike the Situation, Will Farrell, Kate Upton (the GQ shoot), Rick Ross, Lindsay Lohan (who I heard sucked his greg for him to take her pictures though I can’t verify), and is Lady Gaga’s tour photographer just to name a few. TMZ posted an article of him about taking pictures of lady gaga praising him and calling him a “god” for getting Kate Upton to do the Cat Daddy (a dance which made her boobs shake.) It disgusted me because it is no secret that Terry Richardson is a pedophile, satanist (often incorporates it into his art), and overall vile human being. He offers to take pictures of underage models and once they’re there he entices them to have sex with him in exchange for his “artistic services.” Many models have came out and accused him of sexual misconduct but for some reason nothing ever really comes of it. It is obvious he has friends in high places, but I must ask why is Obama even allowing himself to be seen with this guy and why is he even accepted as a king in the photography industry? I have always known that the fashion/model industry was grimey but didn’t know the extent. He uses his status to have sex with everyone from women, underage girls, and even transexuals. It seems like he hides his sexual desires under the cloak of “art.” There is a tumblr account called “I miss the old terry” and it’s filled with nothing but disgusting pictures he has taken of him having sex with these models (don’t go there unless you’re over 18 trust me). There are also pictures of him having sex with Juliette Lewis. Anyway, please out this satan worshipping pedophile so people can at least be aware at who is taking the pictures that we see in our pop culture magazines. In my opinion this is the type of people the dirty was made for.

Never trust a man with a camera.- nik

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