Big Nose Corina

February 13, 2014 San Antonio 55 6,371 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This ugly ass bitch thinks shes the one onlycuz she holded it down for this dude name gabriel lmao bitch try for yrs hoe ass ugly big nose bitch. I can get him wen i want and fyi ugly hoe hes playing you duhh haha muahh sweetie how u like sloppy seconds. Fucking conzo looking ass hoe, idk how he can sleep with her at night with that bigg ass nose of hers. She’s been on here before for being a walkng dieseas. Ass hoe ewwww bitch pussy smells rotten from wt i heard. fat ass bitch claims she has it all like bitch if u got it all get a fucking nose job vavosa, lmk how my pussy taste cuz yo nigga was lickng it up and down, shes a dirty hore rt leaves her lil boy with her mom to go fuck around like really stupid ass! Btw learn how to dress hahhahaahah, yu dnt match u look stupid ass fuck, yu an.ur fcked up grill

Sweet comb-over.- nik

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Stalks Young Women

January 29, 2014 San Antonio 19 7,520 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Robert guzman meet at a local bar only went out once wasn’t interested never talked again well months later he started stalking me and my five year old son calling us inappropriate names and threatening he has a wife plus kids still won’t stop I would think he would for his wife women please be careful who you go out with

I don’t follow.- nik

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Sarah the Mexican’t

July 22, 2013 San Jose 16 10,711 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is up with girls with jaded pasts always trying to prove they can be the perfect bride and housewife after years of being recycled in the dating/party scene? Meet Sarah. Also goes by her Thai name Sai. As the years go by, her friends get younger (partially because her 3rd husband is younger) and she’s always trying to prove she’s better than them. First off, she’s always trying to look, sound, and act Mexican. Maybe it’s because her dude is Mexican, but Sarah is Asian and white. anyways, she has a track record of becoming just like whoever she dates – no sense of identity at all. Next, she’s a gym rat trying to become one of these buff monsters on The Dirty. All her friends are fat so they are always complimenting her. She’s constantly bragging about her man. This girl is on her third marriage and she’s not even 30. She’s always dissing her exes…But is she one to talk? Word got out she was hooking up with her now fiancé when she was still married to her ex-husband! She’s also really critical of girls who aren’t classy… But sarah used to strip in SF! Take those bad +2′s and boujy attitude out of here. Her husband to be is proud Captain.

Sounds like the actions of a gold digger.- nik 

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Madison Frances Baily

July 15, 2013 Long Beach 1 10,968 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Madison a model strikingly beautiful however a cheating girlfriend. Though she vowed to be faithful while her boyfriend was deployed she decided she couldn’t patiently wait for him. On countless occasions she got around even with friends of her boyfriend. Here she is.

Put some pants on.- nik

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