Fake As Her +2s

February 26, 2014 Miami 6

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, she a Ho and she will take your money and boyfriend.  She went out to Miami to have sum guy pay for big ass titties like a fake ass attitude.

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Little Micheal Hill

January 24, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can not believe this little nasty boy is not on this site yet. Well it’s about damn time! You can find this nasty little man anywhere from raleigh to rolesville to wake forest. He drives a big loud blue truck which compensates for his little nasty dick. This boy thinks that he is the hottest shit and can talk his way into or out of anything. He was dating this really nice girl when I met him whom he had apparently been dating for years, that did not yield him whatsoever. I can name 3 girls he hooked up with while he was with that poor sweet girl, one of which he is with now (the other fat ass in the pic). Well honey, word from the wise… If he will cheat with you he will cheat on you! So have fun with that little chode! Micheal Hill you are a disgusting excuse for a man and karma is coming for you! Ladies, watch out it will be the worst youve ever had and leave you with a little funk… If you catch my flow.

How bigs his truck?- nik

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Be Warned

December 5, 2013 Calgary 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Kady.. or Kadie (whatever)… this skank needs to be put on blast badly, this 19yr old ho bag is a waitress at OVERTIME sports bar in Calgary’s northeast… I have personally watched her take home many different men every night. SPREADING HER LOVE TO EVERYONE. YES KADIE.. everyone know’s you have that dirty disease. STAY THE HELL AWAY, im sick of having men come in and complain that you gave them something.. nasty little girl! grow up, do your job and put your p*** away before it turn’s green and fall’s off..

Yo bro, do you lift?- nik

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Is She Worth It

October 17, 2013 London, Manchester, Would You? 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Look, I’ve been with my girl for 6 years, she wants to marry me and all that stuff, she’s great and all, but she’s a little dull sometimes. She wants to be a vet, likes chick flicks and listens to One Direction… I’d be more willing to get more serious but there’s a girl I CANNOT get out of my head, her name is Holly Brunt, I’ve never talked to her properly before but I see her all the time and she sounds like the fucking bomb. She’s a musician, artist, model… Look man, is this girl worth risking my 6 year relationship? And… Would you?

Answer: No, anyone who cuts their own bangs is a head case.

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Censored Staci

September 12, 2013 New Orleans, Would You? 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK wow where do I start the girl in these picture is Stacie suicide as she calls her self she will do anything and i do mean ANYTHING for a lil bit of tht synthtic weed she was and or is married and gos on social networking sites and finds people fck and send nasty nude pics to , and her recent gf broke up with her ass cause she slept with five different dudes in one week she is sleeping with all these people spreding herpes all over westwego marrero she thinks she is soooo sexy i personally think she looks like a pug so i have to ask nik would you ?

Answer: No, I wish more of her was censored.

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Orleans Sloot

May 23, 2013 Toronto 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: ok.. her name is Jackie I call her dump ass.. all she talks about its her dumps ex bf …my ex is this and tat and bitch likes to get fcking high with fck face everyday.. and shes saying his her ex.. like bitch come on now u think ppl r stupid and don’t know ur fcking the guy every day u dirty whore loool, anyways this bitch goes on different chat site like POF and fck with guys heads and pretend that she likes then and wanna be with them.. she s probably the dirties hoe in Ottawa pretending that shes a nice girl.. she meet guys on first date and fcks them.. and then the next days she fucking her ex lool.. all she talks about its her fcking ex , like bitch shut up and stop talking about ur dump ass ex bf.. anyways guys she a whore who likes to pretend tat shes all goodi goodi but shes not , she likes head games and she has no job or life… so watch for her..oh and her fcking boobs look so fuking wierdd.. her pof id is B[removed]

Putting hearts on that body was questionable.- nik

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Nastiest In San Jose

May 23, 2013 San Jose 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty musty ass bitch is Leticia Pena and she is pretty notorious in the San Jose area. I wouldn’t doubt if you have seen this girl before. she gets around if you know what I mean. This bitch thinks that she is the shit and truly believes that she is the best. Her pussy is hella loose and I’m pretty sure she has more than 10 drd’s. I can actually confirm that shes a prostitute because I have at least 5 guys tell me that she does shit like that and she also has a redbook account. She also gives topless lap dances at the vietnamese coffee shops and she gives happy endings in the coffee shop bathroom. This bitch thinks shes bad. she always tries to pick a fight and gets in a fight at least 4 times a week. real definition of ratchet. not to mention she also doesnt understand the term “in a relationship” since she still fuck guys even when she knows they have a man. not only that she also fcks with her homegirls man. she would do anything for alcohol and drugs. she would probably even suck your dick for 2 dollars just for attention and drugs. so If you are looking for that, you know where to find a cheap hoe but if you dont want that you should stay away from this girl. Nik please put this girl on blast in the sake of the rest of the San Jose’s population who hasn’t heard of her. San Jose needs to know!!

Is she working in that bottom pic??- nik

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Fetty 530

March 14, 2013 Fayetteville, Raleigh-Durham 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this nasty girl, Kourtney Fetty, was posted a a while back… i just want to say that whoever made that post hit it spot on. kourtney is fcking vile and disgusting. she uses the same move to get guys every single time. she blames all her problems on her mom saying how she never payed attention to her and treated her sisters like gold. she also says her mom never taught her how to wash her hair or bathe or groom properly and thats why her hair is always greasy and her nails are dirty, you can see it in every picture. but get this… her mom owns D street salon in marysville… someone who does hair and nails for a living didnt teach you how to take care of yourself? shes 22 years old and she cries if her mom doesnt take her out and buy her chinese food. shes pretty much shit in the mom department. her poor daughter has already called about 3 different men “Daddy.” and as i read in the previous article, she DID say her baby daddy molested her daughter and even admits she never took her to the hospital or called the police on the baby daddy… and he has 3 other children living with him that are the same age. and she clearly doesnt buy anything new for that little girl EVER, everything she has was given to her by people that felt sorry for her. Kourtney tries to sell weed but she fucks everyone that will buy from her, then they wont have anything to do with her. she even mentioned having plans to ship some weed from california to Oklahoma where her little sister lives. shes been with 35 people at this point and theres pics posted online to prove she can fit a whole fist in her snatch. bottom line this bitch is all fcked up, shes currently dating a man named glen young who just got out of prison. she moved him in her apartment after only knowing him a month. the move didnt take long though, he lived right next door to her apartment… with his wife. yep those two pieces of shit belong together. she also admits to laying in the floor naked and trying to make 2 dogs lick ketchup off her naked body while two of her friends watched (apparently the dogs werent interested) also about a year and a half ago she let a puppy chew on her nipple then she killed him a week later with cockroach poison….. it makes me sick to know this sick whore has a kid.

She makes me sick to, more-so for visual reasons.- nik

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