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Mall needed in Corvalis, Oregon

June 17, 2008 Oregon State 13

EMAIL: Nik- This is how girls at OSU have to make their A cups look like C cups since Corvallis, Oregon does not have a mall for them to buy push up bras at.

Do they have hangers for their wigs also?- nik

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Instant Hoochie, just add Liquor

June 17, 2008 Oregon State 1

Cool hats I guess?  It would be better if they covered faces, but what can you do?

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Gagging Beaver

June 16, 2008 Oregon State 5

EMAIL: Nik- These hoes really know how to take one…. in more than one way.. and well the one on the far right is getting better. Everything takes time right?

No, her eyelashes are fake… she has no hope.- nik

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Oregon State’s Finest

June 16, 2008 Oregon State 21

EMAIL: These girls souls are about as nice as their out fits….

I like the brown trash bag.- nik

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2 Words

June 16, 2008 Oregon State 0

EMAIL: Nik- Uh 2 words..GIANT WH*RE.

How about one word… WNBA.- nik

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State chicks

June 16, 2008 Oregon State 8

EMAIL: These Oregon State sorority sisters seem to think that in ancient greece, togas were made out of trashy metallic fabrics.

State girls are beat.  I decided.- nik

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