Quet Timm Cougar of Pearland

November 4, 2013 Cougars, Houston 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Que Timm form Florida and now in pearland Houston TX, working for Mistras likes to suck dick and get fucked in the ass for blow. she has been arrested 3 times on drug possession this year and they still have not found out. she leaves her 5 children home alone to have happy hour with co-workers and her ex husband to feed them because she spends all her money on alcohol and drugs. she fuked her boss and one of the sales rep to get a offer extended. she was also busted texting a married man and his wife found her at a bar and beat her ass. She had brusies on her face like a drug addict.she still emails and is infatuated with her ex Keith Taylor and he had to block her from everything. Calling and emails but is still so persistant, I tell her to move on she is 43 years old and needs a major intervention. she loves to eat pussy as well. her tummy tuck has gotten her a little further so that helps but she is running slow on steroids. her voice is so manly from taking it so much without tits she actually looks like a man with those huge huge wide nostrils that she has. You might to spend you money and getting that nose fixed my dear. may god be with you!!! and save your children she got dumped by a hero in shape with money for a not so shapely man and doesn’t take care of her kids like her ex so sad. I heard he majorly upgraded so thank god for that.

I hope she didn’t pay for that gap.- nik

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