Jahmann “Dead-Beat” Massey

April 16, 2014 Windsor 4 8,872 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jahmann Massey. Deadbeat dad. Wannabe “rap” star” The fakest guy you will ever meet. He has 3 kids and his way to make him feel good about being a deadbeat dad to 2 of them is to “kinda” raise his one daughter, which involves her sitting around while he sells/smokes weed and makes horrible music all day. no job. no money. this guy is like 40 years old hanging with young people telling his “stories” about knowing BIG SEAN and KANYE hahahaha . Something is up with this dude he just appears in Windsor one day ( he says he met a girl on the internet? ) from Chicago supposedly, and starts telling all these stories. Dude. get a grip on reality please. your 40. your going nowhere. you have no fanbase. no money. get a real job n start taking care of your poor kids. are you even aloud in Canada? you illegal alien wannabe kanye ugly goof. He always likes to fuck 15 year olds to help them start there “singing” career. Windsor Ontario, Chicago, wherever, watch out for this phony pedophile.

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Reggae Artist BS

April 15, 2014 Winnipeg 21 5,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Giggling jiggeloooo cheats on his gf n fcking anything that’ walks he’s disgrace to mankind he will use. Anything insight he’s been seen with numerous females that will put anything out n give him things while his gf sits at home watching his home n doing nothing like seriously he’s used everything in the past you think your something hahah your his victim like everyone else lol

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Closet Case Rapper

March 19, 2014 Montreal 16 5,782 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well basically this guy is the fakest,dirtiest,wana be gangsters in mtl.he says he a drug dealer but never sold a 5 piece.he cries all the time over his ratchet dirty ass baby momma sarah and the bitch has the biggest pssy in mtl.the guy never bathes,talks and dreams too much,thinks he a rapper,he thinks he a gangster..the guy even went as far as to fuck his dog then kill it.this guy says he about money,but waits for the first of the month to eat.he thinks he a lover boy but really loves guys.on the street his name is broke ass pig pen.he thinks girls love him but they jus nice to him cause they feel sorry for his homeless ass.the word on the street that he a certified snitch.all you ever see is him downtown drunk roaming with his stupid friends trying to rob rob people.so montreal watch out for this grimey wana be rapper/gangster/hustler..

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Lame Clown

March 9, 2014 Pittsburgh 27 10,095 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This clown is Rico Campbell aka Qwiutstorm. Here you have a 42 year old wanna be rapper/singer who has 7 kids by 5 women and his youngest babies mom is just a couple of years older than his oldest child. Dude, you’re a manager at Wendy’s, barely see any of your kids and pay next to NO child support. He lies to these women and says he only has 2 or 3 kids. Says he was never married. Has never lived by himself. Always leeches off of some young dumb girl. Lives with his babies mom and her dad in a trailer. He has slept with almost every female he has ever worked with. He’s a bum!!! Ladies beware!!!! He will tell you anything you want to hear to get some leg and to get your money. Don’t be his next victim! What 42 year old thinks he is going to be a famous rapper/singer when you can’t rap or sing?!?! Grow up. Quit hitting on young girls, get your own place and start taking care of your kids. His boy is 724′s finest….Gripps… Aka Todd Anderson…. He’s FAR,FAR from “fine”. Just grow up Qwiutstorm. You’re a BUM

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Wannabe Rapper

February 14, 2014 Windsor 120 7,437 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK so where do I begin this is dirt ball d nizzy- d nice . This is by far one of the most dirtiest guys I have ever met. He has multiple kids by multiple baby mama’s which none of them he takes care of. He lives with his current girlfriend only for her welfair cheques , baby bonus and a place to stay . Hes from Detroit and lives in Windsor off his baby moms spreading his drd’s around the only reason he knows when he has one is when he gets a girl pregnant and she gets tested . He cheated on his gf the whole time she was pregnant twice without condoms. Please nick help me expose this low life dirty bit for who he truly is!!

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Lowell Grissom Got No Gwap

January 9, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 0 7,164 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sick of Lowell Grissom / “Young Lo” flashing all his cars and chains which he dont own. He rags on everyone and thinks his 15 minutes made him a god, just like his cheap “I am legend” tattoo on his chest.  When hes not riding around in rentals or shoving his befoolery chains in your face (his own sukass lyrics) he can be found at his grandmas WHERE HE LIVES.  He claims to have all this money and success yet he has never pulled out his wallet at a single meal or pitched in once for a bottle. Apparently when your nothn but a D list rapper, everybody with you is supposed to pay for your time, including Chris Brown.  The guy rides around in a Bentley but can’t pay for sh*t.  Dude is a bum nik, he sits around all day at his grandmas playing video games smoking swagg and then rides on the reputations of his ‘homies’.  Im just sick of this dude, the charade has to end.  

Lowell pay your bills.- nik

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Fake Rapper

December 31, 2013 Ottawa 88 10,311 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Omg!! this guy is by far the most sorry excuse for a human you’ll ever meet..He claims hes a big rapper but in reality he has no fans and his musics horrible..He sounds like a whiny little BITCH when he raps..like literally sounds like hes taking dick in the ass..He was signed to a label that was ran by his so called “brother” Dwayne Thomas who is actually a good guy. But not for long because Dchase decided one day while he was staying at Dwayne’s condo to steal his jewelry and go pawn it..When dwayne confronted Dchase about it he denied everything(disloyal coward). Dwayne went around to every pawn shop in ottawa and asked to see there surveillance tapes and sure enough what did he find?? His so called brother Dchase pawning off his rings ..Not only is this guy disloyal but hes also been charged for pimping under age girls and he has 3 kids of his own..This guy is pure scum and deserves to be exposed. Im good friends with his baby mama and she told me Dchase cant even afford child support but keeps getting different girls pregnant..than he posts pictures of the kids on fb like hes daddy of the year loool!!. Hes the most slimy insecure little coward you’ll ever meet and its probably because of his tiny little dick. Cant wait to see this scum bag back in prison where he belongs..Im sure the big boys at kingston will treat this child predator real well.

Better try and salvage yourself a career while you still can (not rapping).- nik

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I Think I Found a DC in Indiana

November 26, 2013 Indiana 0 9,613 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kevin Berglund. He “raps” under the name KBerglund or K.B. I’ve known the kid my whole life, his parents are fairly wealthy and trust me, his life has not been difficult. He loves to rap about his struggles and how he doesn’t fit in and all his “haters.” He is truly one of worst the rappers ever, 50 Tyson style bad. I think he’s delusional enough to be a Dirty Celebrity. I’m including a link to his SoundClick page. What do you think?

Parents need to stop supporting broken dreams.- nik

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