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He pimped my sister

December 16, 2014 Las Vegas, Los Angeles 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Young Flow aka David Blow aka good piece of shit that pimped my sister. Can you please get me the 411 on this goof? He is a wan a B rapper that likes to play the nice guy and turn innocent women out on the street. I can just imagine a million comments will come. He has photos of all his money on his facebook that he makes off pimping

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Jah-Free, the Artist

December 11, 2014 Los Angeles 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeffrey Allen is a self-proclaimed music artist who gets off on his own flattery. Looks and smells like he hasn’t bathed since the 90s, this guy grew some dreadlocks and dubbed himself as “Jah Free”. Everything about him, especially his voice, reeks just like the sewer in West Covina he crawled out of. Zero talent, Zero money, Zero record sales, Zero potential. “Jah-Free” is unemployed, refuses to get a job unless its a record deal, which he will never get because his “music” is bullsh*t. In his spare time (AKA every day/night) he enjoys drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels a day, which he calls “JACKLIFE” and doing lines of cocaine off of D- minus strippers at SAMs and KNOCKERS. Jeffrey Allen is the true definition of a deadbeat father, and he maintains that role throughout the vicinity of the 626 by making babies that he doesn’t take care of. ATTN: “Jah-Free”, you are approaching 40 years old, still undiscovered, and FYI chasing that pipe dream of becoming the next R&B sensation DOES NOT make you a “hustler”, it makes you a delusional, pathological liar and a professional mooch. STOP singing and get treatment for the warts you spread around to your strip club groupies AND DONT ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE! You are as low and sickening as the diseases you carry.

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Wannabe Rockstar

December 5, 2014 Windsor 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m surprised this douchebag isn’t on here already. This wanna be rock star is a woman beater and a straight up narcissist. He acts like Mr. Nice guy and has a lot of people fooled, but he is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has had many failed relationships due to the fact he beats and cheats. Look out, dont be fooled by his nice guy act.

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Buck Tooth Crayon

November 3, 2014 Vancouver 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nigga and his crew are shady. Working at the canna clinic for minimum wage. Promoting a shitty job. They owe me money. They messed up. They take peoples money and run. Vancouver doesn’t need low budget rappers.

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Undercover Brother

October 29, 2014 Kansas City 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: man this dude is a trip he go by the name Nelson El be trying to fake like he is a big rapper but fo reals he is a f*gs my lil gay ass nephew be fukin wit him and got some cell phone pics with him suckin dick fuck this nigga he a fag

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Chief Kief Wannabe

August 25, 2014 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please put this Broke Down Chief Lief wannabe on blast! Fool lives with his momma,livin off of her EBT TANF CARD to buy more beeswax for that nappy ass hair he gots that he never washes and wants to act like he gots swagg! He Cal’s himself rapper and claims all the ladies want him,when in fact he smells so bad like rotting onions in the sun and his breath makes one want to choke cuz it smells like rotten boiled eggs. Borrows clothes from friends to go to the club but he is so funky nobody wants their clothes back. He owes people shit loads of money and even dated this Mexican chick who couldn’t speak English and would take her Jack In the Box paychecks to pay for studio time. He would threaten to have her deported if she said anything. So Nick put this ashy basTurd on blast because he ain’t shit with his side mouth crust!

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Ladies Beware

August 8, 2014 Indianapolis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Women beware! Roaming the streets of FW, IN is “Rook.” This wannabe rapper/mega pothead is spreading Ch***ydia wherever he can. If you actually slept with this lowlife, head on over to the free clinic and get yourself tested!

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