Known Diddler

July 23, 2014 Halifax 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dude right here is nothing but scum he party’s it up with young girls gets them drunk and sleeps with them. he thinks he can rap so that’s why these little girls all like him when on some real shit he sucks at rapping nothing but trash coming from him everyone that he rapped or rap with are 1000x better then him like CUV FEEZIE even DUPPIE was WAY better then this trash ass dude. calls himself critty getslifted but it should really be Critty GetsLilGirls like who puts a hello kitty picture as there album cover ?? a STR8 Pussy thats who

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Is This Guy Special

July 22, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. this rapper tyger le.. is he for real or he special? He is from Vancouver BC and now in Edmonton Alberta

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Wannabe Rapper

July 1, 2014 Victoria 354

THE DIRTY ARMY: This goof is such a joke his name is AARON PEREZ and he thinks he’s gods gift to the world, writing terrible rap songs dating and blonde bimbos with fake tits. he has the worst home made tattoos and loose untoned wiggly white arms. i even heard he punched a 18 year old girl in the face and knocked her teeth out! he has a kid who he never sees because he has no money to pay child support and his babys mama smartened up and stopped letting him around the kid because he was doing drug deals with him IN THE VEHICLE. this guy will never do anything with his life EVER because he has no skills except beating women and slanging crack rocks on pandora but really nothing to be proud of. he hangs out with other OLD esquimalt wanna be gangsters in victoria BC sitting around talking about how awesome they think they are and getting drunk and taking stupid group photos to post on Facebook. aaron, kill yourself- you\’re worthless.

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Baddest Rapper of the Year

June 24, 2014 Accra 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Guy From Nigeria Named Little car seems to be something above a rapper he kills any rhyme and was told he raps like ice prince Zamani he raps and sings without writing and can also rap with is language O.M.G he is Amazing he has always been on freestyles and about to drop a track soon we are waiting for the Blast.

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BNice is so FAKE

May 15, 2014 Los Angeles, Miami 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so I am really shocked to see that this wanna be rapper/ pimp has never been posted before. he is the true definition of fake.his real name is brandon arnude, he is 30 years old and from miami.he started rapping a couple years ago and made his own label called OTP (on top paid) productions.his lyrics are comedic!! he is so fake and lies about everything he does and has.HE IS BROKE! his only income is from pimping hoes and he can never keep one for more then a month or two.Lisa Lee from miami was his main ho that was with him for 7 years but left him cuz he is such a fraud! his other ho Kat that has been down for 2 years is his undercover GIRLFRIEND and pretty much runs his life which is funny cuz she is only 21! they are both lame af.. he only likes ratchet ass hoes that f*ck for a couple hundred dollars and don\’t use protection for a higher price. and speaking of not using protection he REFUSES to wear a condom with any of his hoes!! i know from experience! but the funny thing is he posted some dumb meme about “always covering your wiener” and then his caption saying ” i always make sure to strap up w these hos” or some dumb shit like that. hahhaahaha what a lie.n*gga probably stays with DRD! his rap career is a joke he always talks about guns and bein tough but the truth is he went to jail cuz he stole a bike and then broke probation. bitches need to know his whole life is a fabrication and his music sucks ass!!Plus he gets off on beating his hoes!

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Beware of this Pepsi Head

May 9, 2014 Winnipeg 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This piece of shit, Pepsi head sloot, drugs and takes advantage of woman. He is not the friendliest person. Has a crazy alcohol & cocke problem. Blames anyone around for his problem. Hes this hes god gift to woman, tries to take advantage by using a charming approaches, before he forces himself onto you. This scum bag is a low life no good for nothing, abusing head case. This coward is very violent toward males and especially females. He should have been locked up for what he has done. Very violent young boy who will use what ever he can, weapons and resorts to alcohol and drugs to cope while he takes advantage of woman and very controlling, cant hold a relationship lives off Woman. No good in bed has a small greg that is all drd’d up and smells/stinks pissy. Relies on everyone else, nags and complains like a little girl. Don’t think he even knows how much I spent on him. Just a dead lay with small one anyways. He’s a suck if thing don’t go his way he gets very bad attitude like a Valley rapper girl and becomes very insecure then he will physically hit you and verbally call you down to make you feel like garbage just to make himself feel better about it. Talk about psych-co. At first he acts like hes cool shit his head get’s big, then he turns on you to stab you right in the back. Watch out ladies he will use you and abuse you very bad anger and temper problems, Beats women and lashes heavy into the gang life and drug scene. Nik put this Meatball on BLAST BEWARE!!!

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Skinner Illiano

April 27, 2014 Winnipeg 170

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this dude here his name is ILLIANO. who thinks he’s the best rapper out there mean while he fukkken sucks. he’s a loser who has been cheatting on his baby mom for so long with me an few other girls. so its time sumone puts this wannnabe gangster rappper on here. he’s a dead beat dad who leaves his family for. homewrecking dirty hoes. This guy has w**ts on his dick an bumps its so disgusting he hardly ever uses condoms an i feel sorry for his children’s mother because he fukkks hookers an goes back to his babymom which she doesn’t know about. hes a SKINNNER who inboxes little girls an doesn’t think noone knows about it trying to keep it a secret only if all the chicks know the real him. he plays all sweeeet an innocent when u meeet him but deeep down he’s evil. he beats women’s an hit chicks around an yet he posts like he’s some reallly nice guy. He talks a lot of shit about so many people this dude is a loser an a twofaced fake rapppper. He’s nothing but a fake, women beater. i juss hope everybody will kno the real him sooooon. noone should be hanging with a skinnnner an especiallly a women beater. guys this dirty neeed to be on here. so whoever is with this guy take a goood loook at his dick…he has w((ts on it an bumps…can you say nasty….fukken disgusting…he even has a big bump on his lip that looks like a drd. this guy eats so many pusssy an bangs chicks without condoms….trying to go around saying he has a big fcken dick mean while its only a lil 5 to 6 inch dick hahaahahahaha he makes me laugh wut a joke he reallly is. wen he’s not hard its just a lil 1 incher. hahahahaha. I recently looked at his so callled lil fan page an he left his family for this dirty hoe here in wpg an so many people kno this girl sees her on the streets hooking an she has buncha different bbydaddys an she sleeeeps around with so many men. She’s a dirty little hooodrat an she’s nothing but a lil homewrecker too. Yes ill admit i waz with him but he told me he waz single an i found out a month later he had a babymom an 3 children and a baby on the way. I felt so bad an disgusted. So which is why I’m blasting this hurting guys asss. Now he’s with deanna moar whplo everybody knows an banged in the westside an central lil hooodrat should be ashamed of herself she ruined a family. But this illiano thinks he’s a gangster an yet he’s hiding out from the M.Warriors haha what a pssy he is an i hope they do catch you soon. You talkin shit about the warriors an say your not scared yet ur hiding out. Be a real man an a father to ur kids quit abandoning them an sluffing them for a hoe. Real men never do that. Quit beating on women too an hollering at little girls. You already have a name for your SKINNNNER .

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Namon “cj” Jones

April 17, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cj is completely incapable of being in a committed relationship. After continuosly cheating on his childs mother, he cant comprehend why she hates him and doesnt want her son to grow up with him. I “dated” cj shortly in 2010, while he was still with his childs mother. He even had sex in her house while she was upstairs pregnant sleep. He put his hands on her and his other ex casey, who for some reason cant let him go. He will cheat with your friends and not even care how it makes you feel. He uses his looks to get by in life. Doesnt have a real job because he thinks he is above them. Hes a “rapper/producer” from illinois even tho he pretends to be U. City. Hes been living off of women and pretendin to care about them so they will take care of him. Cj is scum.

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