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Jason Brown Is A Psycho

July 18, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I believe this needs national attention. This is Jason Brown. He was arrested in Reno for killing and dismembering five dogs in a motel and also a meth charge (surprise, surprise). Collars and rabies tags tracing back to their former owner were found in the room, as were blankets, tennis balls and a dog dish. He is a sick motherf*cker and I hope he gets everything coming to him. He got the dogs and cats off of craigslist. His bail is set at only $55,00.

He looks like a Craigslist killer.- nik

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Lady P Moore Likes Sending Pictures

July 18, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lady P Moore is not just a nice smiled Basketball Player.  But also a Reno escort burning with DRDs and likes to send Nudes with a smile to More then just her Girlfriend!!!!

Basketball?? I thought NFL for sure.- nik

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Jazmine Tally

April 30, 2014 Reno 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jazmine Tally is one of our Reno Sluts who started at a young age. This dick drooling, ball sack grubbin transvestite will suck you off anywhere… Seriously like eat yo cum anywhere. By the trash bins on the corner of the apartment complex, behind your car, or in a closet of the party. She likes getting gang banged plugging all three of her holes. A sloppy drunk that gets pissy and emotional if a guy doesnt want to fck her. Now is being fat whore really a bad thing? Maybe not… maybe it would be a little more tolerable if you weren’t such a cnt Jazmine. NO ONE CARES about your flappy vagina wings or the number of guys you fck and suck dick. But you are an annoying dumb b*tch who acts like you’re a queen because you can fck a lot of people. You can never shut that fat fck’in ugly mouth of yours. ON TOP OF THAT… you talk mad shit about everyone. NO ONE CARES about you and your dirty ways, but to talk shit about other people when you have a filthy Fckin vagina. You just need to shut the fck up and get over yourself. “The Blacker the Berry The Sweeter The Juice”- No b*tch… you got 52 dirty different dicks in you and that shit aint sweet. Talk shit about this girl. xoxo

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Reno Actually Has Hot Women

April 24, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 21


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you have always said that Reno has no hot girls… well I’m here to prove you wrong buddy.  Check out this gem, she works at a casino and as you can see, she is one sexy mama.  She looks amazing for her age and barely looks like a Cougar and I bet you could never guess that she has had 2 children.  Thoughts on this girl?

Reno transplant for sure. Local civilians in Reno can’t afford plastic surgery, that’s why everyone is beat by default in that city.- nik

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She Loves Her Man

February 26, 2014 Reno 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m surprised this bitch isn’t on here already!! Her name is Anne and watch out Reno if she will f*ck your man and leave her kids at your house and forget about all three of em un till you track her ass down. I have known her for years and she has NO LIMITS!!!! At a party she got soooo drunk we paid her 3$ to make out with a dogs asshole yea you herd that right ASSHOLE. I got the naked pic from her boyfriend who by the way isn’t her baby daddy . . . Yet!

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She Didn’t Mention She Was Married

February 7, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 67


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, met this lady… she happened to leave out the part that she is married.   Life in Reno sucks… you are lucky you don’t live here.

Why would anyone live in Reno? All the women have no teeth.- nik

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Jasmine Clark

February 3, 2014 Reno 46

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this chick decided that marrying one of mybest friends was fantastic. Lied to him. They bought a house together. After being married for almost a year she decided it was time to kick him to the curb and go for the couple guys she had been talking to behind his back. She is a dirty slut. So now after making him figure out where he is going to sleep every night cause she wanted the house she changed her mind. Now he has to take the house. But she gets off Scotch free. She has the room mate take.of.the her dogs cause she can’t come home. Let me rephrase that. Cause she doesnt come home. Stay away!

She also thought cropping out her head would disguise her sexts…- nik

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UNR Knows It’s Ripping Off Its Students

January 20, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the University of Nevada, Reno residential life, housing, and food service department has not been fair in its practices.  I told the office over the phone that I had a family emergency where my sister had a roommate suddenly leave and she couldn’t afford to live there without me moving in since the aforementioned roommate was paying for half of everything.  The office informed me that I would not be refunded my $125 deposit and that I would owe 25% of the $2635 charge for the semester in the dorm, which means I’ll lose $783.75 even though the move-in date wasn’t until this Sunday, January 19th. They offered to transfer my license agreement to the 2014-2015 academic year; however, I explained to them that this option wouldn’t work since I begin pharmacy school in Colorado in August. Also, I spoke with the student I was assigned to live with, and she decided she no longer wanted a roommate. In other words, she chose to have the room all to herself, which means UNR won’t be losing money because she’ll be paying much more to be alone. Despite her filling this vacancy, UNR still expects me to pay the above-mentioned amount. I have no choice in paying because any financial aid covers UNR charges before I’m issued a refund check to use for food, gas, and other living expenses. Even if the student I was assigned to live with had still wanted a roommate, I believe this policy is unfair for students and the cancellation fee is ridiculously high. Moreover, this policy is not written on the housing application, but referenced in one sentence on the bottom of the last page in conveniently smaller font. Interestingly, I couldn’t find this information anywhere on their website, but succeeded with an Internet search. Additionally, the Parking Services department informed me that there was a waiting list for the dorm garage because the faculty garage was full and some faculty were parking in the dorm garage now. This garage, meant for Sierra Hall dorm students, has 6 people on its wait list thanks to this situation. Finally, I’d like to provide a link that discusses issues students have had with meal plans, which are supervised by the same department that controls the dorms. Thank you Nik, I appreciate everyone you do for us and allowing us to have a voice that can be heard on such a large scale.

Why would anyone want to attend the University of Nevada RENO?- nik

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