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Michelle Miller

April 8, 2014 LSU, New Orleans 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle miller. The biggest attention whore ever. This girl is obsessed with herself. She takes daily selfies and think she is so hot. She also always talks about her hideous boyfriend like he is a god. She should be embarassed because he is so ugly. She is beyond fake. She likes to talk about girls being desperate and wanting attention yet she posts more selfies than anyone I ever saw. Do not make the mistake of adding her on Instagram. Huge mistake. This picture she especially looks like a drag queen. Like really wtf is she thinking. This is awful. STOP POSTING SELFIES YOU THIRTY ATTENTION WHORE. And no sweetheart you don’t have “haters” no one wants to be you nor look like you. We are just telling it like it is.

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Brook the Selfie Queen

December 10, 2013 Edmonton 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Brooke , her sister dom was already posted on this site ” Dom the sherwood park hottie” anyways she posted a million photos of herself all the time!!!!!! I am wondering if she spends hours and hours taking pictures of just herself. She is really hot so maybe that why? Would you nik?

Answer: No, the rounded features and body crop don’t add up to anything good.

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