Skyler Haze aka Nicole Angele Raccagno And Her Friends

June 24, 2013 Las Vegas, Miami 6 10,116 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so, Skyler Haze aka Nicole Angele Raccagno is posting FaceBook full of pics with her and this other harlot Jenna Syn a well known Vegas escort and thats her in the middle. We all know Skyler Haze has made porno’s and she escorts from Vegas to Miami and Los Angeles. Look what a train wreck these three hookers look like and they should be banned from going out in public as they are an assault on the eyes let alone the hidden diseases they carry around. Looking at Skylers disgusting mouth, one would think shes trying to imitate a sucker fish.

Why is her face falling off?- nik

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Is Skyler Haze Worth It

January 31, 2013 Hollywood, Las Vegas, UCLA 5 6,104 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this she male or tranny goes by the name of Nicole Angele Raccagno aka Skyler Haze. This disgusting sub human should sue her/his plastic surgeon for the mess he did on the face. He/she seems to vacation a lot in Miami and who knows were the money comes from. Must be getting old trouts who are deaf, dumb and blind. This tranny is a definite assault on the eyes.  Believe it or not, she tried doing porn… filmed a a few scenes and was never heard from again because she was not good.  And to fail at porn, proves how much you are worth.

How can you fail at porn? You just lay there.- nik

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What Skyler Haze Use To Look Like

January 3, 2013 Cougars, Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 38 55,736 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Skyler Haze crying she has a clean healthy lifestyle. But look, wait till you see a young wannabe porn star. EEEWWW before the teeth were fixed and boobs modified. Check out the moles on face and boobs, they all match up.

Skyler back in the day looks like DeadMau5 (click here).- nik

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Did Skyler Haze Fix Her Upper Lip

October 13, 2012 Las Vegas, The Dirty 18 7,743 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so check out Skyler Haze.  It actually looks like she can smile these days.  Which is good from the past few months cause the girl upper lip was totally jacked up.  Maybe from being posted on TheDirty she realized that her lips were sexy as she thought they were.  What are your thoughts on this?

It looks like she LaserAway’d the hairy upper lip. Congrats Skyler.- nik

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Did Skyler Haze Join Scooby Snack’s Harem

September 26, 2012 Chicago, Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 50 23,680 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m totally in love with Skyler Haze even though she has the weird lip thing going on.  For some reason I believe in my mind that she is crazy in bed and could rock my world… especially with those amazing +2′s.  Anyway, saw a picture of her hanging out with Scooby Snack and totally was not surprised that they run together.  Now that Thickness is out, is Skyler Haze in?

Skyler needs a nose job and a little vacuum action done in her stomach area if she wants to roll with SS.- nik

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How Do I Make Sure My Lips Don’t End Up Like This

September 4, 2012 Miami, The Dirty 5 8,682 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for the past few months I’ve been thinking about getting my lips done because they are so tiny.  I’ve talked to so many doctors and it seems like none of them get the lips 100% correct every time.  Some of the before and afters they show me look like Mike Tyson punched the girl a bunch of times.  Skyler Haze is a perfect example, the poor girl can’t even smile cause he lips are so screwed up.  Do you have any advice for me so I don’t end up looking like her?  I want full lips that I can actually smile with.

Getting lip injections is so 2002. Fat lips are out… they just make girls look retarded.- nik

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