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Nastiest in Tacoma

October 21, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Alexis, and is by far the nastiest and grimiest bitch in Tacoma. She is fat and flabby, but thinks she is the hottest and sexiest piece of ass. She is a escort/prostitute, and has many adds on Back Page and Craigslist and she goes by “Yummy Faith”. She has a son, but she chooses money, drugs,and dicks over him all the time. She takes off to different states for months at a time to make her money, leaving her poor child with whichever family member that will take him. She is a mud shark and talks like she is black, and posts the most ridiculous and ghetto shit on Instagram and Facebook all the time. She needs to be put on blast, and to have people tell her the truth because she is so fcking delusional about herself and her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has DRD, and goes at it raw with her clientele. I feel so bad for her son, and one day he will know that his mother chose the life of screwing nasty men for money and drugs over him. This thirsty bitch needs a reality check.

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Mole-Faced Slore

August 14, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Maelynn. This miserable ape-faced slore likes to talk herself up like her shit don’t stink on Facebook then post on Twitter about how insecure she is. She has two kids and two babydaddies and she’s only 22. Her hobbies include flirting with guys she’s never met before on Facebook to make her latest babydaddy jealous, putting down women who are stronger, smarter and more attractive than her, and pretending she loves herself and her life when truth is… she’s miserable with both. She thinks everyone owes her something and expects the whole Tacoma-Seattle area to bow down and kiss her flat ass then she wonders why she has no friends and can’t keep a man. She has the worst teeth and the ugliest smile EVER and can barely keep her mouth closed because her teeth are so jagged. She likes to air out her dirty laundry online for the whole world to laugh at so she can get sympathy and compliments to make her feel better about herself and her shitty relationship. This bitch needs to be set straight and told that she’s NOTHING special, her looks are below average, her personality is horrible, and she’s not very smart. Mae, get a fucking job, get a life, lay off social media and be the kind of woman you would want your daughters to be.

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Gil Token

July 16, 2014 Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is “Gil Token He likes to offer underage girls tickets to raves then invite them too his house so he can drug/ rape them and take pictures of the incident and post them to sites like tumblr ,  This is the link too his page where he is stalking a girl named Ollie after raping her, he spreads diseases and creeps around 16 and up raves even though he’s 30! Definitley need too watch out for his dirty ass while in Tacoma or Seattle ladies!!

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Washington Really Doesn’t Have Models

April 4, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I understand the Dirty Army believes Washington does not have real models. Well they’re right. Here we have Alannah/Lala/Lalanomelo/Ladida/Whatever-Stereotypical-Ghetto-Name She-Thinks-Of, another wannabe living in Tacoma who spends her time getting high all day and going on Twitter tweeting about how ugly every girl is and how every guy wants her. Now don’t let her teenage boy body fool you, she claims to be one of the “realest” models and “sexiest” in the Northwest. All her photos are generic and boring with her signature constipation-face expression, I’m shocked photographers actually waste their time on her. She is on a personal crusade against all the hoes of the world yet this hypocrite won’t ever tell anyone that she was the girl cheating on her man with multiple guys at the same time at parties and having sex in backyards. She also is on YouTube trying to dance half-naked in an outfit that doesn’t do her non-existent curves justice thinking that will get her famous. She constantly brags about how she makes more than everyone who went to college because she is a waitress and that she actually chooses to make a career out of it. Actually, she can’t go anywhere else because she is a felon for committing robbery with a firearm and went to prison for it. You would think most people would be smarter after serving time but she came out more idiotic than before and continues to waste her life trying to become a model as an easy way out. Does she have what it takes, Nik?

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F-Dub is Single

February 17, 2014 Seattle 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lynsay is back on the market… Shocking. Not. She is out trolling the bars, casinos, and dating sites with her cleavage on display to try and hook herself a meal ticket. I managed to dodge this bullet a couple years ago, so this warning is a public service announcement for the Seattle-Tacoma area. If you’re going to pump & dump, strap up!

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Would You

December 9, 2013 Seattle 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This women is lynia. She thinks she is the hottest thing in town. She is a bar fly who leaves her 10 year old at home many nights to cruise the local watering holes. She is almost 40 and still trys to snag the young 20 year olds. She photo shops all photos and has many selfies that she claims are natural. She has an annoying voice, horrible skin and jacked up teeth. She likes to threaten people when she drinks and constantly put the dumbest facebook statuses up hourly. She has slept her way through most of the bartenders in lincoln city even though she has a boyfriend and they have girlfriends. Would you touch this little troll?

She doesn’t look so good in the morning, her orange comes out.- nik

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Erin Civilla

September 25, 2013 Seattle, Tacoma 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I am putting fat ass pill whore erin civilla on blast. She not only is the worlds worst mother she is the most delusional, mental bitch I have ever seen. Not only was the bitch high for her first kid but continued to do the drugs with her new born living out of her car. She smeared human shit (newborns shit) over her ex boyfriends house whom only puts up with her because they have a kid together and doesn’t want her to go off the deep end. She got pregnant when they weren’t together and told him “i thought this would make you love me.” HA The ugly bitch is attention starved and has never been loved by anyone obviously. This bitch has been harassing me ever since her boyfriend left her and obviously doesn’t want to be with her just wants to be a good father (the second baby) <–get a clue if the first one cant stand you..the second time you trap someone they aren’t going to be with you either. she likes to pretend the other kid is his too but his dad is a heroine addict and wants nothing to do with the bitch. Go figures! This unstable bitch has nothing going for her besides trying to attack me because nobody wants her sloppy ass. She constantly is sending my boyfriend pictures of her nasty cauliflowered pussy with hair spray bottles in her and anything else. She is the worlds worst mother…drove around drunk with her kids in the car threatening to **ll herself and get high on pills again. (Which she probably did) She tries to act normal and sweet but this ugly bitch is fucking delusional and so fuking damaged..stay far away! And don’t bribe her with pills because she will leave her kids for you. Get a fucking clue ugly ass cunt. She is more involved with caring about me and my boyfriends relationship than taking care of her kids. The only reason your out of your parents house is because of the child support checks she receives now even though her second baby daddy and i have the kid more than her. Totally fine by me! I’ve been taking care of him since he was three months old anyways! Obviously the $500 trips to the mental therapist and NA meetings haven’t worked sweetheart. What’s funny is she made a website about me on she’s a homewrecker yet I’ve been dating the guy for almost two years (she likes to think they were dating for years but they were only consistent and happy for a solid month) and I’ve been raising your kid! The one you said you didn’t want and resent! Oh wait you said that about both your boys!!! Who says that about their poor innocent kids. Only time will tell where this bitch ends up and once her place of business finds out what a complete fuck off she is nobody will ever want her. Everyone already can’t stand her even her parents tell people she’s a fuk up. Good luck ugly bitch. Oh and I know you like to make websites about your pretend wedding with your ex boyfriend with your wedding registry and baby registry with the kid that isn’t his..delusional much? how about you find someone that respects you and actually wants to be with you. Your 30 with two baby daddies,a drug addiction and have no respect for herself. No one will want your sloppy ass once they find out who you really are.

How has the father not taken the kid yet?? must be a douche if he allowed his kid to live in a car.- nik

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Stuck Up Sloot

August 22, 2011 Tacoma 0

Stuck Up Sloot!

Stuck Up Sloot!

Stuck Up Sloot!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a die hard sloot. She can never let attention be focused anywhere but herself. She thinks she’s the most important girl in the world, but guys only give her attention because she opens her legs readily. Tell me what you really think about her. This c*m guzzling dumpster sl*t deserves a good flaming.

Her teeth really make me uncomfortable its like staring at a box of knives.- nik 

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