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Helping Her Find A Sugar Daddy

November 21, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is so desperate for a Sugar Daddy, I thought I would help out.  She will do anything for money and that including having other girls join in on the fun.  So all you TO GoPros, you know where to find her, just get on your seeking arrangement profile lol.

Please don’t call them ‘Sugar Daddy’, that is so 2010. They are GoPros now!- nik

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I Found Your Canadian Nanny

November 20, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 370


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found your perfect Canadian girl. She is beautiful, sweet and down to earth. She is not an escort and has her life together. Let me introduce you to Joelle Celyne. She is blonde, has an ITG and +2′s. What do you think?

I’m looking for a Nanny, not a slut.- nik

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Joelle Celyne Needs To Change Her Life

November 12, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 648


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Joelle Celyne is known too be a skimpy whore in Toronto. Everywhere she goes, she wears almost nothing and her body is not even flattering. Her face is destroyed by makeup, acne, and wrinkles. The girls she hangs out with are all wh*res as well. This girl must give it to her bosses too. She is all over the internet with her slutty pics and some people have been saving her pics and taking videos of her when shes wasted. Its so sad and its pretty embarrassing.

She smells like an Amanda Bynes fan.- nik

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Bree Leigh Needs New +2s

November 10, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 58


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needed to be put up here a very long time ago!!! Her name is Bree Leigh, she claims to be some big time model but it is just a cover up for stripper.  You can find this girl dancing in some local clubs around the area with the blonde girl she models with not sure of her name, she doesn’t even get paid for what she does and she thinks she is the hottest thing since she got her boobs job, that is botched by the way ones bigger then the other.

It’s never a good sign when your +2′s want to be your biceps.- nik

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Ariana Thinks The World Belongs To Her

November 3, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this spoiled brat is Ariana Stefancic.. known for sleeping with every guy in Richmondhill and Aurora but acts like no one knows. She pretends shes a little princess. You have to feel very bad for her boyfriend(s) who must know but she has wrapped around her little finger. Besides sleeping around constantly and cheating on every boyfriend shes ever had she claims to be a self made entrepreneur but she never had a real job and spends all her time at the mall spending her parents money. All of the girls know how fake she is and all the boys knows shes a slut. It’s a wonder she has any friends at all. Honestly how does a girl become so deluded? she actually believes her own bullsh*t.

I bet you Ariana Stefancic would feel lost in life if she didn’t have Instagram. What would she do with herself?- nik

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Toronto’s Biggest Player Amber Emery

September 22, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 67


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how is this smeller not on blast. Amber Emery is the biggest con artist in Toronto. You know, the typical ‘model/hairstylist’ who sleeps with any buy who can afford a bottle at the night club. If anyone deserves to be called out it’s her. All her girlfriends look like men and have terrible hair. In Toronto the term hairstylist is actually code for something else, if you catch my drift.

I wonder if she paid for each nautical star individually?- nik

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I Used To Be Friends With Cynthia Todorovski

September 18, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 114


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Cynthia Todorovski and I use to be very close friends, she was always a good girl and nice until she started meeting all these whores at cabana pool bar and Muzik nightclub. Shortly after, she started stripping with her best friend Vanessa at airport strip, ect. Now you can see her adds all over back pages along with seeking arrangement and various sugar daddy dating websites. She escorts now after being seen stripping. All her new friends are escorts and strippers, she use to have a minimum wage job and now all of a sudden can afford louboutins? haha cmon Cynthia, who are you trying to fool. Your a disgusting whore now, and everyone knows you escort, ew. Nik, tell this escort to change her ways before its too late haha.

Some John needs to step up and buy her some +2′s.- nik

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Tasha Is Obsessed With Herself

September 9, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 220


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, wanted to see what you think about Tasha?  For a cougar she does have a great body but she is so damn full of herself.

Is it just me or are Cougars starting to look buff these days? It’s like old women are taking the gym way too serious.- nik

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