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Schaumburg Police Allow Underage Sex

July 29, 2010 Chicago, Dirty Cops, Dirty Predator, The Dirty 96

Schaumburg Police Allow Underage Rape!!

Schaumburg Police Allow Underage Rape!!

Schaumburg Police Allow Underage Rape!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shannon Mccarthey, if you remember she is the Underage Sl*t that Pat Ryan is banging these days in the post “Bro, Stop Sleeping With Girl Under The Age Of 18“. Well the last set of pictures that came up on here were from this so called “Pimp and Hoe” party she had at Dan Rugerros house who is also 23 years old. This picture is of a SCHAUMBURG POLICE OFFICER THAT WAS DISPATCHED TO A HOUSE WITH UNDERAGE HALF NAKED GIRLS AND ALL THE MEN WERE OVER 20!! With boose all over the place and pepsi on the table and the stench of pot in the house, eye raped shannon and just left without so much as checking anyones IDs. Great job Schaumburg 5-0!!! Ps. The girl in green is 16. Wtf?? AND PPS. These are pics from the party he cop rolled in on. Explain this to me Nik. Please. and last pic is 24 year old guy with 2 minors.

In Chicago girls start clubbing when they are 12 and their bodies start developing when they are 10.  Since the weather sucks 360 days out of the year all the guys do is creep.  They think they need to have sex to stay warm… so the mentality is “tighter the better”.  It is pretty sick if you ask me.- nik

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Nashville Is Worthy Of Having A Few Dirty Celebs

July 27, 2010 Nashville, The Dirty 49

Nashville  tn

Nashville  tn

Nashville  tn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not going to lie I just heard about your website last week when someone very popular in town was on and I have been hooked ever since.  Man you are doing humanity such a favor by exposing the bad people and calling them out, you are the man.  Anyway you have everyone is Nashville afraid to take pictures because they are scared they will end up on TheDirty.  Anyway we definitely have some people that are worthy of being Dirty Celebs, here is my first choice, this girl loves to party, loves the pepsi, is without a doubt the cities biggest Bottle Rat and she thinks she is the hottest girl in Tennessee.  Nik, what you think about this mess?

I don’t care about these girls… I am going after Mr. 615.  I think I found his real father (below).- nik

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Nik, How Can We Get Rid Of These Pepsi Loving Bottle Rats

July 27, 2010 Hollywood, Newport 16

Nasty sloots in OC

Nasty sloots in OC

Nasty sloots in OC

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, these pepsi-loving sloots are always invading the clubs in OC and LA, spreading their DRDs to anyone who is willing to buy them a drink. The chick that looks like a mouse is notorious for spreading her legs (and is down for a 3some) with any dude who promises to buy her a fake Coach bag (Grant, dude in wheelchair who pretends to own a club, was her ex). All 3 losers are desperately searching the clubs for any poor guy with a credit card. Go back to the 909 and take your DRDs with you, you dirty hoodrats!

You can’t get rid of them, you can only hope to contain them.- nik

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Dirty Army Meet Jen And Michelle

July 26, 2010 Huntington Beach 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jen Spect (+2′s) and Michelle Aramoni (tiger stripped head)… I’ve known these wanna be bottle rats for a few years now and let me tell you, you need to add an inland empire city category because these two could be your trailer park beauty queens repping the 909.   Jen has DRD for sure and Michelle truly thinks she is gods gift to humanity.. both are self proclaimed models. what do you think nik?  Also I just want to thank the city of rancho cucamonga, fontana and hesparia for inspiring these girls to become the best citizens they can be.

I think these girls will sleep with anyone for ecstasy.- nik

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Nasties Girl In Oak Lawn

November 19, 2009 Chicago 62

haha . nastiest girl in oak lawn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the one on the left is colette me*nyyyy. aha yeah on the dirty once again because i def believe she just deserves to be on here. she’s probably one of the nastiest girls i’ve ever seen and needs to just stop. shes a wh*re and really doesnt realize it. she cant fight her own battles and likes to have people jump her “best friends” for her. she swears she the hottest and shes not. oh yeah btw morgan shes your “best friend”? lmfao you’re stupid for believing that because if she still had keel and kelly by her side, you wouldn’t even exist to her. she goes through friends almost as much as she goes thru boys. or tries to go through boys. haha. smooth coe. real nice.

I didn’t know bunnies had muffin tops.- nik

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Vancouver Sloots

October 16, 2009 Vancouver 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick Nicole (right) is grose and her friend Amanda (left) is a trannie they are both from Van and you’ll see them at every club hanging with all the bouncers. Im surprised they arent already on here with all their trashy little friends… please put these 2 on blast.

I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or maple leaves, but Vancouver chicks are beat.- nik

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Trolls Of Boca

October 16, 2009 Miami 6

troll tramps of boca

THE DIRTY ARMY:nik, these girls are known around town as the trashy trolls….erica  ( in blue) is notorious for pulling jekyll and hyde tricks one minute she is normal and the next minute she is throwing her dog out a window, nik i couldnt make this up if i tried i saw it with my own eyes. Kim aka . recovering sex addict is known to f*ck anything with legs i was at a bar one night and she was f*cking the barback in the bathroom….she proves rehab is a joke….last but not least is rachel (IN GREEN) head of the gremlin gang i think her face speaks on behalf of all of them….nik i think that its time for me to move boca has gone to sh*t.

Why do fat chicks drink beer? It’s like a diabetic eating a candy bar.- nik

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U of A Sloots

October 15, 2009 Arizona / UofA 27

UofA Coke Sloots

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two girls are in Gamma Phi Beta at the UofA, and sadly, have gone Ayo for Yayo. Just last weekend, I caught them in the bathroom of the PIKE house lines off of one of the toilet seatsts

I just trying to figure out who would pay thousands of dollars to be friends with those shims.- nik

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