Whiting Trash

February 6, 2013 Chicago, Indiana 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is Heather Soltis. She has to be one of the dirtiest girls from the scum of Whiting Indiana. She acts like a good Christian but if she was would she be sending pictures like this to every guy she claims to care about so much. She continously lets guys use her and then wonders why they want nothing to do with her in the end. She’s done the dirty with half the town. She’s 21 and is doing nothing with her life except busting down for any guy that says something “sweet” it’s time this hoe gets exposed!! Want to bust a quick nut? Find her on facebook she’s DTF anytime.

Keeping her clothes on would do her a lot of good (It’d at least downsize her head).- nik

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