Ava Aka Trixi Tang


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is actually crystal Livingston, many probably better know her as Ava at 2001 or “trixi tang”. She’s so gross, poor thing may have had potential to be a decent looking girl! But instead you can find her on Craigslist, the strip club, or probably any Bay Area trap house lit off kitty, acid and xannies, she’ll probably take whatever u offer lol. She’s given up on seeing her adorable 3 year old son, he basically he has a new mom and is taken care of entirely by his father (thank god because she shouldn’t be responsible for a fuxin pet fish) she’s chosen drugs over her child completely. She talks big for a strung out chick that’s 80 lbs and 4’11”. If you friend her on Facebook you can give her a ride for some ass, she offers it like twice a week “realllyyy need a ride from Lakeland tonight to get to work, name your price”. Work btw is at 2001- she’s Ava. The one with trashy tattoos, small tits, no ass, but will blow u in the space ship for a bump :) I’d be careful girls and guys if you’re interested in hopping in bed with this one, she’ll do anything to get a high. Ps I think she currently lives in a dumpster. #deadbeatmomoftheyear

What’s with the dude in the wheelchair?- nik

Jenny Twix Needs Work


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went on a few dates with this girl. Her name is Jenny Twix. She was nice but we didn’t click. She is an upstart model and dreams of being in Playboy and moving to LA. I told her she needs work if that is going to happen. Her body is fine but her face is another thing. She needs a nose job asap. I told her to get implants as well. She has saggy b cups. She has thought about implants but refuses to touch her face. What do you think?

Crystal Didn’t put up a fight


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is non other than crystal fought. She is a prostitute and shes 31 shes been workin the streets since she was 15 She thinks she is God’s gift to men and likes to fuck every black man she talks 2 she’s got a great ass thats had loads of black greg She has 4 kidz she dont no who the dads are and she’s really a deadbeat. She posts on Facebook she been 2 loads of places in the us just 2 get purple crayons.- nik

Don’t look so happy to be arrested..- nik

Trolling Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is bronwynn calvin. shes a stripper she is trolling sending any and everyone friend requests it’s easy to see through the tattoos! Not to mention her pole dancing on full nude for a quick dollar. I heard she spent one night at hotels and I know for sure nobody is spending that kind of money on a girl unless she is F***ing and sucking! She’s an on the low prostitute drug addict . she will hop on the pole and find a guy to support her! No regular job is going to hire an idiot like her with tattoos. You can already see the damage drugs have done to her face behind all that make up It’s only a matter of time before she gets arrested for prostitution or drug possession.

Script is the trashiest of tats.- nik

Josh Glass is a feeling it


THE DIRTY ARMY: Read the ‘Lonely Women’ post added to our neighborhood message board today. Look at this. Hysterical. We have a neighborhood message board online for moms & families to trade info mostly about kids, school, sports, etc. Girl Scout cookies, selling a shed, lost cat, who wants to pull my crank? Yes ladies, Josh Glass is feeling it! Aren’t you lucky.

Jessica Ryan Is Tampa’s Most Famous Gold Digger


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jessica Ryan. This girl lives in St. Pete but you can usually find her sl*tting it up on South Howard with one of her sugar daddy’s. She cheated on her amazing ex boyfriend with some trust fund baby and cheated on that guy with some other cash cows. She’s slept with more guys in the Tampa Bay area than most people do in a life time; Freddy Daemi, Joan Cuba and Italo Pignano to name a few.. As long as you have money Jessica Ryan will hop on it faster than you can pull out your credit card! Nik this girl is all round trash.. you date this girl then prepare to share her with at least 6 other men at any one time.. Tampa rich men, you’ve been warned.

I see about two more seasons left on her face… then forced marriage time.- nik

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