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Jessica Ryan Is Tampa’s Most Famous Gold Digger


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jessica Ryan. This girl lives in St. Pete but you can usually find her sl*tting it up on South Howard with one of her sugar daddy’s. She cheated on her amazing ex boyfriend with some trust fund baby and cheated on that guy with some other cash cows. She’s slept with more guys in the Tampa Bay area than most people do in a life time; Freddy Daemi, Joan Cuba and Italo Pignano to name a few.. As long as you have money Jessica Ryan will hop on it faster than you can pull out your credit card! Nik this girl is all round trash.. you date this girl then prepare to share her with at least 6 other men at any one time.. Tampa rich men, you’ve been warned.

I see about two more seasons left on her face… then forced marriage time.- nik

You Are The Worst Person Ever


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, quite frankly, the creator of this website – good old Nik Richie must be a f*king awful human being. No shame here, I was hurt when I was posted on this website a couple of years ago. It hasn’t ruined my life. I didn’t loose friends or my job (thank god) over anything said. At one point I even thought about posting a whole piece to get revenge on the petty person who posted about me, actually I wrote it all out, added multiple unflattering pictures and was ready to go BUT even with all the anger I had towards her and how I wanted to hurt her with my nasty words so badly so she would feel the humiliation I did, I couldn’t submit it. I couldn’t bring myself down to that level. That being said- everyone posting on here is petty and probably should have a little more decency but the real sh*tbag here is the guy behind it all, who would make a website to insult, hurt, and screw with peoples lives. I hope this sh*t gets you off every night. Kudos Nik, you’re the worst!!!

So you decide to hurt me instead. You are a mean person.- nik

Kermit The Toad


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jeffrey Daniel Blankenship. This fat, dirty, balding, forty-something toad spends his days drowning his sorrows away at the local gay bar drinking dirty martini’s spending the last of the money his deceased mom left him. Disturbingly, he has a life-size stuffed Kermit the frog doll that rides along with him in his 2014 Jeep Patriot (bought by mom of course!) Oh, did I mention he has a giant Kermit the Frog tattoo on his back that says, “It’s not easy bein green”? His bed has so many Kermit the Frog dolls on it there’s hardly any room for him or the nasty guys he hooks up with on Grindr and A4A. He used to work at Pizza Hut, but they don’t even want him anymore. He is a TOAD-tol loser!

Champion Figure Model Goddess Erin Stern


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is IBFF figure model champion Erin Stern from Tampa, FL. I’ve had a crush on her for a really long time. I’m a somewhat wealthy 37 year old business owner that lives in Miami Beach. I’m above average looking and in pretty good shape, but obviously not on the level she is. I have a luxury 2 bedroom condo 2 blocks from the beach and just leased a 2015 Mercedes S550. I would definitely spoil her and treat her like the goddess she is. Do you think I have any chance of asking her out on a date via social media and her saying yes if I fly her in privately or 1st class and put her up in a luxury hotel on Ocean Drive?

OP, I think you are Forgy.- nik

Chris Cameron The Drunk Cranimal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies of Tampa Beware! Chris Cameron may appear to have a good job, be attractive and charming but he is an an alcoholic with a flaccid penis. He has anger management issues and resorts to alcohol abuse in order to deal with his mood swings. He drinks until he gets black out drunk, all day and all night of every weekend. While drunk, he has physically assaulted his sibling, his friends and his women. A bouncer at a Gainesville bar witnessed him shove a girl he was dating during one of his drunken escapades and threw him out. He is manipulative and will say all the right things but, the second your back is turned, he will be drinking by himself at 4AM and prowling his Ashley Madison (YoungStud391), DateACougar (YoungStud391), Cougar Life (StudFella622) or Tinder accounts to cheat. He flirts with bartenders and whoever he is dating’s friends and acquaintances. If the girl he is dating is out of town, he will contact prostitutes, which is pointless because he is always limp due to his alcohol fueled lifestyle. He will embarrass himself by slurring, swaying, falling down and passing out regularly at important events as a result of his dangerous binge drinking and has scars on his arm from where he burns himself with cigarettes when he is drunk. The parents of this man-child have to regularly drive him home from family gatherings when he is drunk. Don’t believe a word he says because he lies about everything to hide his drinking and philandering lifestyle. He will try to manipulate you but don’t believe it because he has a well-known reputation in the Palma Ceia Men’s Grill as an alcoholic and his family members have even referred to him as the “black sheep.”

Tampa Bay “Celebrity” Jeff Weldon


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this as you may know is Jeff or Jeffrey Weldon. He appeared on the most recent Amazing Race and apparently Big Brother. He lives in Tampa and thinks he is hot sh*t. He is the legitimate definition of a male butterface. If he wasn’t in semi decent shape he would never be able to get girls, especially not the one they paired him up with for his blind date on the amazing race, she was easily 50 times out of his league but he still treated her like crap and talked down to her. He’s clearly shovenistic and an asshole and he’s using his semi G list fame to get girls in the Tampa Bay Area. He hunts them down on Twitter, adds you on snapchat and sends snaps of his not so impressive junk. Ladies of the entire state of Florida beware! He will talk to you like you are less of a human being than he is and will likely give you some gnarly disease (if after seeing his tiny junk you decide to go through with it) he is a super tool and no one would give him the time of day had he not been on TV for a hot minute.

Sounds like OP was a devoted customer.- nik

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