Does Not Bathe


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hmmmm,where do I start? This girl is a compulsive liar. She is one of the nastiest ratchet white girls you will ever meet in your life. 1st off she doesn’t bathe….she will go weeks without washing her vagina and brushing her hair it’s disgusting. She smells like a dumpster of old rotted tuna salad. Her face is always greasy.., I wonder why…. She wears the same underware for days doesn’t wash her clothes. Just sprays perfume on and keeps on going. This girl will let you know she’s changing her tampon, and not wash her hands. Then offer you something to eat… I’ll pass. Her breath omg….. Smells like a dead skunk that’s been sitting out in the Texas sun. She is a complete train wreck who can’t move on from someone who will never love her. Her place is one of the most dangerously disgusting things I’ve ever seen…she has bed bugs and her bathroom will wipe you out. She leaves shit in the toilet,it smells so terrible in her place,the shower has pubic hair everywhere,and a bunch of weird shit that comes out of her dirty vagina hole. Beware of this girl…she is a cum dumpster,and a terribly disgusting smelly mess. Infested with drd’s. You’ve been warned.

Lyndse Bourgeois McLaughlin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this woman. Lyndses arrest records include petty theft, 3 domestic battery charges, leaving the scene of an accident…..etc. Lyndse exhibits all the signs of a borderline personality disorder so do not make any type of relationship with her as you will regret every day you wasted on her. Violent and unpredictable. Smooth talker but its all fake. Ran off and left her family to live in a seedy motel called orange motel on gulf to bay Clearwater with her two sons ages 3 and 6 along with her boyfriend Keith and his 4 yr old son in a one room fleabag motel. Lyndse works as an auto detailer for ON The Spot auto detailing with her boyfriend Keith Philip Defiore.

Thoughts on Canadian Model Nicole Williams


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just found out about this Canadian model Nicole Williams from Toronto. She has a habit of dating NFL players. She dated Kerry Rhodes back in 2008. She’s currently dating Tampa Bay Bucs, Larry English. He was a first-rounder draft pick back in 2009, but hasn’t really amounted to much since. He thinks he has the hottest GF in the NFL. I don’t know. Hopefully she’s dating him for the “right reasons” since I doubt he will be in the NFL much longer, so that income will dry up quickly. Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Larry English salary before taxes 2014-2015 (USD) $536,471 — just so you know how much you are worth Nicole.- nik

Don’t trust Neal Carter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of shit good for nothing scam artist thinks he’s hot shit because he used everyone else’s money to start up this entertainment company. This low life Nig is stealing money from family friends and whoever falls for his scheme. Hosting shows acting like a groupie taking pics with these artists. This kid use to sleep on his moms couch before all this. DO NOT GIVE THIS BUM A PENNY ANYONE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Don’t Get Catfished by Cali Kennedy


THE DIRTY ARMY: If you’re a fan of cosplay than chances are you’ve heard of Cali Kennedy, but she’s not who she makes herself up to be on IG or twitter. She photoshops her pics like crazy and constantly says she 22 and not a stripper. She’s really 39 and totally a pro in Florida. If you google the name she use to go by (Cali Ford) it’ll blow your mind that she gets away with it at all!

Ashley Alexiss Is A Real Life DUFF

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.12.36 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is an untouched recent photo of Ashley Alexiss, now you can see her in comparison to a model who is fit. Ashley Alexiss is a DUFF. What is a DUFF you ask? Designated Ugly Fat Friend. You know the girl other girls hang out with so they look hotter to men.

I think I know the perfect DC name for Ashley Alexiss… lets call her ‘Wicked Tuna’.- nik

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