Virtual Rape In Gaming Needs To Be A Crime

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you need to share this. I too was a victim of gamer rape. People don’t understand that being raped in the virtual word still affects a woman’s daily life. For months I was afraid of men. UniFrance16 you should be in prison for raping me. The things you said in my headset while pinning me on Front street were vile and deplorable. Nik, I was raped for almost three minutes, the laws need to change now.

Why didn’t you just take off your headset and turn the game off? It’s a video game.- nik

Duane Marks Maitland


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m surprised this fool isn’t on here. He has multiple children by multiple women. Most of which he meet online dating sites. His POF account is Fyah77 he will tell you he’s deleted his account after he starts talking with you but in reality he just hides his profile. He’s known my the police all over the GTA. He acts like he has money but wait for it, he’ll start to ask for your’s. He doesn’t take care of his 6 kids. He has a girlfriend back in Jamaica but she’s obviously being played as well. Don’t believe his lies. He is known to beat women, he even pushed one girl I out of his moving car. He’s a user, he’s crazy in his head, he’s all around an evil person.

Nobody ever suspects ‘the Rogers’.- nik

Meet Shyla Suomi

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.39.16 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Shyla Suomi. She works at a local dive bar waitressing, and every other day she’s banging a photographer for money.  She grew up in the ghetto, very poor, and has great ambitions to make enough money with her body to get her family out of the hood.  I hope she realizes there is other ways of making that money using her brain and not her body.

What is on her leg?- nik

getatKAT Kamorra Art Centre


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this delusional wannabe rapper getatKAT @getatKAT needs to be put on blast !!!! we all grew up together and She used to date a friend of mine and gave her DRD. I saw her at luxy the other night Kat tries to flaunt how much money she has when her broke ass has been on welfare for years. She leaches of Anthony Andretti and messages models on Instagram to go to kamorra art center where she tries to brainwash them with trips and exotic cars to escort In Dubai when really KA is huge human trafficking ring. Kat is worthless and talks behind everyone of her girls backs.and needs a reality check!

Notswagg: when your tatto can be replicated by a sharpie.- nik


18 Year-Old Lindsay Vrckovnik Is A True Home Wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, of course Canadian model of Spot 6 Management in Toronto, Lindsay Vrckovnik cheated on her boyfriend and slept with Scott Disick. Lindsay do you think the world is stupid or just your boyfriend? Um there’s a reason Kourtney Kardashian is blocking all Lindsay Vrckovnik accounts. You home wrecking whore!

Scott, from one man to another… GO TO REHAB! If your kids mean anything to you… get help!- nik

Warning To All Girls Who Meet “Rocky Waterloo”


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Rocky is a guy from India, he lived in Britain and Toronto he now lives in Waterloo working for Rogers. Rocky appears to be a nice kind and respectful guy. Do not be fooled by his charming exterior he is a rapist. He will get you drunk out of your mind and try to justify sexually assaulting you making light of his actions by spending money on you to do things such as go to to breakfast the following day or taking you on a movie date. In my experiences with this predator I declined his sexual advances both sober and under the influence of alcohol, he took me to a dive bar and pointed out how easy it is to take drunk girls home have sex with them and return for another. Rocky does not drink alcohol so he is always in control of the situation and preys on your vulnerability. This man stole my innocence. He should be convicted and jailed for his crimes, do not associate your self with him on any social media as he his hunting grounds include tinder and Instagram with the screen name “RockyWaterloo”. I want to make it clear that women who are on Tinder should be aware of this man and any others who ask them to come and stay with them without any expectation. These type of men ALWAYS have expectation and a hidden agenda.I told Rocky many times after his advances that I was not interested in that type of relationship, and he chose to disregard my human right to refuse and clearly does not know what the word consent means in this country.

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